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It’s great to feel wanted – especially when it comes to your career. If you have decided to be an Accountant in South Africa, you may find yourself immensely popular with employers. Accountants are on South Africa’s scarce skills list. According to the White Paper on International Migration for South Africa, published in July 2017:

“Using receiving country censuses and other data, one study estimated that more than 520 000 South Africans had emigrated between 1989 and 2003, with the numbers growing by about 9 percent per year. About 120 000 of those emigrants had professional qualifications. This represents about 7 percent of the total stock of professionals employed in South Africa and is more than eight times the number of professionals immigrating to South Africa in the same period.”

The list of critical skills shows us that the Business, Economics and Management Studies sectors are in need of Actuaries and Risk Assessors, Corporate General Managers, External Auditors, and Financial Investment Advisors. In fact, according to this article, Financial Accountants are the fifth most sought-after individuals in South Africa, with an average salary of R471 000. However, for every 51.8 job adverts on Adzuna for Financial Accountants, there was only one job seeker.

For the last 35 years, SAIPA has been there for Professional Accountants (SA), and we offer exclusive benefits to our members. Put your skills to great use and join the SAIPA family as we bring our country forward. Depending on the designation you hold, you can perform a number of functions and issue reports in terms of the Companies Act, Close Corporations Act, Micro Lending Industry regulations, Sectional Titles Act, Non-Profit Organisations Act, and Schools Act. Furthermore, you will be recognised as a Commissioner of Oaths. If you are currently a student, you can still join the SAIPA family. To find out more about our student benefits, visit our Student Member page.