SAIPA WHISTLEBLOWING HOTLINE: Making Corporate Ethics A Priority

South African Institute of Professional Accountants

SAIPA WHISTLEBLOWING HOTLINE: Making Corporate Ethics A Priority

The South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) spares no effort in striving to conduct business in a responsible, ethical and sustainable manner.

Our core business principles include Integrity, which requires us to ‘Serve with Integrity’ by identifying and correcting practises that are contrary to our organisational values, in the interest of our employees, members and business partners.

With this in mind, we have introduced the Whistleblowing hotline as an unethical behaviour detection tool for all our employees, members and various stakeholders. This is to allow for the detection of business practices which are impacting or have potential to impact negatively to our Institute’s operation and reputation in the market whilst enabling them to exercise their rights in terms of the Protected Disclosures Act, 26 of 2000.

Although it is still important to use existing processes and communication channels within the Institute, this tool is to provide an alternative confidential and anonymous facility to report unethical practises.

Through this partnership, Deloitte provides a solution that ensures employee, member and stakeholder privacy and protection when reporting unethical and inappropriate practices, via a selection of accessible communication channels.

We encourage all our stakeholders to embrace our business principles and make use of the tool, where appropriate.

Tip-offs Anonymous Contact Details:

Free Call: 0800 077 078
FreeFax: 0800 00 77 88

Please note that any tip-offs logged using this hotline, can be done so anonymously.

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