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Centre of Tax Excellence

For quality tax practitioners wishing to specialise in the field of taxation and grow into higher levels of excellence

Why you should become a member of the SAIPA CoTE

SAIPA is a SARS recognised controlling body of the tax profession in South Africa.  In terms of 240A of the Tax Administration Act 28 of 2011, SARS will only register members of approved professional bodies as tax practitioners.

This is a bid from SARS to crack down on bogus tax practitioners and to start regulating the industry.  Tax practitioners who do not meet the requirements of SARS and the recognised controlling bodies will no longer be able to conduct business.

The SAIPA Centre of Tax Excellence (CoTE) invites applications from all tax practitioners that meet the criteria for the different tax designations offered by SAIPA CoTE.


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SAIPA CoTE Membership Benefits:

  • Professional designations, and recognition within the industry
  • Credibility attached to an organisation with over 40 years of professional history
  • Assurance by clients that you are recognised by SARS as a goodstanding, credible tax practitioner in the industry
  • Members receive Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance cover
  • You can apply to the Financial Services Board for recognition as a compliance officer and financial services advisor in terms of the FAIS Act
  • Professional and business advancement
  • Get representation by SAIPA at various relevant stakeholder forums such as SARS, CIPC etc.
  • Receive continuous support and development through powerful networking, growth opportunities and abundant resources
  • Telephonic and email support by the SAIPA Centre of Tax Excellence service centre for technical queries and questions
  • Access to a fully resourced online tax library to search for information, solutions, guidance and answers to tax issue
  • Tax dedicated Continuous Professional Development (CPD) events are provided at extremely competitive rates
  • Receive dedicated monthly online tax newsletters, a dedicated quarterly tax magazine and benefit from various other SAIPA services made available to the Professional Accountant (SA)
  • Receive alerts and notifications for breaking news on any tax legislation changes
  • Gaining CPD points through beneficial business partnerships (MCA TV) online CPD assessments  and business partner CPDs
  • Access to working papers, templates and sample engagement letters
  • Access to using the SAIPA Member Corporate Identity business stationery for your marketing material (logo, letterheads, business cards)
  • Access to the reciprocal benefits with national and  international  professional bodies, including  CPA in Ireland, IPA in Australia,  CFA in Namibia, SIPA in Russia, IFA in the United Kingdom, and ANAN in Nigeria
  • Network with the SAIPA community on facebooktwitter and linkedin
  • Access to free advertising and job positing on the SAIPA Careers section  of the SAIPA website
  • Listing on the “Find a SAIPA member in your area” on the SAIPA website
  • Access to member forums countrywide
  • Negotiated preferred rates, cash back on purchases and other special offers with lifestyle plus business partners