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Professional Evaluation

Top Achiever (June 2022 Cohort)









































IMPORTANT NOTICE- NEW DATE CHANGE FOR Professional Evaluation –2022
Date of PE Exam 5 November 2022
Applications Open 10 June 2022
Closing Date for Applications 30 September 2022

The Professional Evaluation will be conducted online.

Minimum Browser Requirements- (Compulsory)

  • Google Chrome is required to log into the exam
  • Candidate must have their own data as it will not be supplied by SAIPA
  • Stable internet connection
  • Webcam (compulsory)
  • Keep sufficient power / electricity backup. We are not responsible for any electricity power failure, so arrange backup solutions like UPS, Inverter, Generator etc
  • Laptop / notebooks must be fully charged and have sufficient backup time during exam.
  • The use of cyber cafes where such power backup solution is available is also permitted

Note:Trainees that apply for the assessment, must have a learnership completion date of no later than 28 February 2023 to qualify for the exam.

The above learners must have their logbook completed, by 30 September 2022. Students from other Professional Bodies that are awaiting official confirmation of completion of their learnership have until 30 September 2022 to submit all outstanding information.

How to Apply – External Applicants

  1. Click on
  2. Select Application for Individual.
  3. Select Member Category (Either in Practice, Commerce & Industry, Public Sector or Academia
  4. ID Verification.
  5. Continue with the application and required documents.

Upload the following CERTIFIED documents

  • Copy of ID/Passport
  • Matric Certificate
  • Tertiary Certificate/Qualifications
  • Academic Record
  • Detailed CV
  • Employer reference letters (on Company letterhead) – The employment reference letter should meet the below standards:
    • Be on the letterhead of the company issuing it.
    • Be signed by an HR officer or a senior official in that company.
    • Must state the name of the applicant.
    • Must state the ID number of the applicant.
    • Must state the period which the applicant has been in that company.
    • Must state the duties/responsibilities of the applicant while in that company
    • SAQA letter (if foreign qualification)
  • Payment of administration fees R 1,224.12
  •  Payment of Professional Evaluation fees R1260.75

How to Apply – SAIPA Trainees/ Qualified Trainees

  1. Click on
  2. Log into your profile
  3. Click New Application
  4. Select Member Category (Either in Practice, Commerce & Industry, Public Sector or Academia
  5. Continue with the application and required documents.
  • Certified copy of Degree and Academic record
  • Certified copy of ID
  • Payment of Professional Evaluation fees R1260.75
Professional Evaluation – June 2022

Professional Evaluation – June 2022


Date of PE Exam 4 June 2022
Applications Open 1 Feb 2022
Closing Date for Applications 29 April 2022

The Professional Evaluation will be conducted online.

Minimum Browser Requirements- (Compulsory)

  • Google Chrome is required to log into the exam
  • Candidate must have their own data as it will not be supplied by SAIPA
  • Stable internet connection
  • Webcam (compulsory)
  • Keep sufficient power / electricity backup. We are not responsible for any electricity power failure, so arrange backup solutions like UPS, Inverter, Generator etc
  • Laptop / notebooks must be fully charged and have sufficient backup time during exam.
  • The use of cyber cafes where such power backup solution is available is also permitted


Note: Trainees that apply for the exam, must have a learnership completion date of no later than 31 August 2022  to qualify for the exam.

The above learners must have their logbook completed, by 29 April 2022. Students from other Professional Bodies that are awaiting official confirmation of completion of their learnership have until 29 April 2022 to submit all outstanding information.

How to Apply – External Applicants

  1. Click on
  2. Select Application for Individual.
  3. Select Member Category (Either in Practice, Commerce & Industry, Public Sector or Academia
  4. ID Verification.
  5. Continue with the application and required documents.


How to Apply – SAIPA Trainees/ Qualified Trainees

  1. Click on
  2. Log into your profile
  3. Click New Application
  4. Select Member Category (Either in Practice, Commerce & Industry, Public Sector or Academia
  5. Continue with the application and required documents.
Top 10 Achievers (December 2021)
1 78703
2 55722
3 53394
4 53396
5 55171
6 55701
7 50280
8 53309
9 53361
10 53893
10 53895
Project Achiever Top Achievers (December 2020 Cohort)
  1. Bianca Calverley
  2. Ashlina Ramnarain
  3. Chariska Sutton
  4. Sarah-Anne Swanepoel
  5. Tracy Ireland
  6. Adam Stander
  7. Hilton Westermann
  8. Brayn Cilliers
  9. Stefan van Wyk
  10. Christiaan Dreyer
Project Achiever Top Achievers (July 2021 Cohort)

Project Achiever Top 10 – July 2021

  1. Bianca Calverley
  2. Ashlina Ramnarain
  3. Chariska Sutton
  4. Sarah-Anne Swanepoel
  5. Tracy Ireland
  6. Adam Stander
  7. Hilton Westermann
  8. Brayn Cilliers
  9. Stefan van Wyk
  10. Christiaan Dreyer
Professional Evaluation Results - 2017/18
Which year’s results are you looking for?

November 2018

Well done – you have been declared competent on the completion of SAIPA’s November 2018 Professional Evaluation.

National Top Ten Candidates
1 Moodley Pranisha Durban
2 Coetzer Sally Port Elizabeth
3 Van Marcke Renalta Cape Town
4 Troskie Karlien Pretoria
5 Ismail Nazia Durban
6 Heystek Hendrik Cape Town
7 Nyasuro Tumai Cape Town
8 Breytenbach Tyrone Cape Town
9 Le Roux Tanya Cape Town
10 Bugwandeen Munish Midrand

The full listing of results

Addai Akwasi 47739 Competent
Africa Neo 49403 Competent
Ahitlhile Kemmone 49995 Competent
Andrews Kayleen 49556 Competent
Antonie Shannon 49996 Competent
Arendse Mymoonah 30527 Competent
Arjune Keshni 46069 Competent
Arnoldi Deoné 41872 Competent
Atterbury Colin 44769 Competent
Badenhorst Lee-Mari 21988 Competent
Badenhorst Lourensia 26804 Competent
Baig Zakariya 40881 Competent
Bakker Maria 42984 Competent
Banda Ebony 40273 Competent
Barkhuizen Su-Mari 41867 Competent
Batala Khulu 50257 Competent
Behrens Carli 41917 Competent
Belcher Ashley-Jay 31750 Competent
Beselaar Roxanne 42000 Competent
Beukes Ruan 35858 Competent
Bhayat Safiyyah 44859 Competent
Bisnath Sanjeevan 41329 Competent
Bitota Kasongo 51333 Competent
Bodha Anand 41332 Competent
Bonga Sive 47233 Competent
Booi Linda 41853 Competent
Booley Zaakier 42444 Competent
Boonzaaier Karen 50261 Competent
Booyzen Henno 31156 Competent
Borbely Nicole 43476 Competent
Boshoff Magrieta 41961 Competent
Boso Lebohang 42576 Competent
Botha Johannes 41816 Competent
Botha Margaretha 40765 Competent
Botha Rhoda-Ann 35634 Competent
Boucher Lindi 47051 Competent
Bouwer Johannes 45093 Competent
Bouwer Natasha 35393 Competent
Bouwer Rozanne 40960 Competent
Brajevich Faye 49962 Competent
Breitenbach Mandri 42228 Competent
Breytenbach Tyrone 42276 Competent
Briel Brendan 42129 Competent
Bugwandeen Munish 40876 Competent
Buthelezi Nompumelelo 44233 Competent
Carolissen Sergio 36023 Competent
Carstens Ignatius 40301 Competent
Carstens Jeanne 35759 Competent
Chabana Refiloe 50264 Competent
Chauke Kulani 50299 Competent
Chetty Keith 31921 Competent
Chetty Selina 52235 Competent
Chetty Christopher 44439 Competent
Choene Ishmael 42556 Competent
Chothia Aqeelah 42330 Competent
Cilliers Helensha 40224 Competent
Claassens Surene 42086 Competent
Coertse Gerhardus 33453 Competent
Coetzer Sally 50304 Competent
Cooper Helen 43174 Competent
Cronje Gert 26669 Competent
Davids Yusuf 50306 Competent
Davids Veraline 51093 Competent
De Bruyn Domenique 42280 Competent
De Jager Sulané 41579 Competent
De Kock Monika 36127 Competent
De Kock Bea 42118 Competent
De Villiers Jeunesse 25920 Competent
de Waal Raymond 51192 Competent
De Wet Luanne 42544 Competent
De Wet Tracey-Lee 42469 Competent
Diamond Brendan 40634 Competent
Dikgwele Precious 42074 Competent
Dikobe Renosi 44455 Competent
Dique Ruan 41947 Competent
Ditshego Makolotwane Tiisang 48347 Competent
Dladla Mbalenhle 41387 Competent
Dlamini Nqobane 41388 Competent
Dolo Palesa 42135 Competent
Dookhee Muhammed 33780 Competent
Du Plessis Nedine 39717 Competent
Du Preez Marjorie 35502 Competent
Du Toit Yolandi 34874 Competent
Du Toit Dirk 42009 Competent
Du Toit Pierre 40307 Competent
Dyers Michelene 50307 Competent
Eksteen Maryna 42119 Competent
Ellis Izak 39792 Competent
Erhardt Elisabeth 45225 Competent
Essop Yasmin 51331 Competent
Faniso Loyiso 49701 Competent
February Samantha 42425 Competent
Fourie Leonard 52148 Competent
Fourie Annabie 41674 Competent
Fourie Natasha 36063 Competent
Fourie Veenarani 29308 Competent
Franken Phillip 29227 Competent
Fritz Gershwin 40962 Competent
Gaorekwe Tokologo Trevor 47539 Competent
Gasa Siyabulela 41655 Competent
Geldenhuys Karien 42340 Competent
Geswindt Jamie- Lee 35968 Competent
Geyser John 49244 Competent
Giani Leandi 40508 Competent
Goeiman John David 35859 Competent
Goold Zander 42913 Competent
Gouws Jacobie 41663 Competent
Govender Desireen 35952 Competent
Govender Cassandra 51400 Competent
Govender Thorusha 41331 Competent
Gqamlana Yandisa 48464 Competent
Greef Philippa 51329 Competent
Greeff Pieter 12515 Competent
Green Gershwin 49452 Competent
Greyling Cornelius 41744 Competent
Greyling Luzaan 47225 Competent
Grinstead Carryn 50308 Competent
Gumbi Thokozani 49557 Competent
Gumedze Khaliphile 44192 Competent
Gungiah Lisa 45068 Competent
Habermann Heinz 47765 Competent
Hanekom Werner 52262 Competent
Harris Arie 32160 Competent
Heyneke Antonie 43353 Competent
Heystek Hendrik 44814 Competent
Hlabisa Melusi 51327 Competent
Hladik Ilana 45263 Competent
Hlakanyana Noluyolo 47602 Competent
Hlela Nompumelelo 26924 Competent
Hlongwa Ntuthuka 41122 Competent
Hlongwane Xolani 51326 Competent
Hlongwe Philani Enock 47639 Competent
Hlophe Nkululeko 18696 Competent
Hoedemaker Claudine 42781 Competent
Höll Jacques 41748 Competent
Hoogenboezem Marli 44880 Competent
Hough Stephanus Johannes 45370 Competent
Ismail Nazia 51325 Competent
Jacobs Tiaan 42460 Competent
Jacobs Ryno 25966 Competent
James Cheryl-Ann 29786 Competent
Janse Van Rensburg Zildene 45598 Competent
Jansen Johan 42889 Competent
Jansen Van Vuuren Jacoba Johanna 41896 Competent
Janssen Dominique 41515 Competent
Jeke Mkaliphi Noncedo 40903 Competent
Jiyane Silindile 41385 Competent
Jones Jameson 44770 Competent
Jonkers Shireen 41689 Competent
Jooste Jenine 40918 Competent
Jordaan Carol 40924 Competent
Jordaan Michelle 51384 Competent
Joubert Yolanda 23748 Competent
Joubert Johannes 35565 Competent
Julies Veone 40652 Competent
July Mangaliso 49388 Competent
Jumaats Janelle 42376 Competent
Kaizer Desiree 40141 Competent
Kajane Zibele 51323 Competent
Kandhai Tarini 32919 Competent
Kaondera-Shava Fradreck 41761 Competent
Kapoock Debbie 48672 Competent
Karamchand Karishma 46510 Competent
Kellerman Frans 42018 Competent
Kennedy Melanie 40015 Competent
Kepadisa Nthabiseng 30315 Competent
Keyser Marinus 49718 Competent
Kgadiete Morongwa 30216 Competent
Kgakane Millicent 51322 Competent
Kgasago Malegodi 48572 Competent
Khadambi Omani 41382 Competent
Khopo Monwane 51164 Competent
Khumalo Siyanda Eugen 52103 Competent
Khunou Maranatha 48242 Competent
Klazen Nic 46693 Competent
Kohné Von 50471 Competent
Kok Olivia 19099 Competent
Kolomba Lingene Gert 46111 Competent
Koopman Amanda 47551 Competent
Kopang Kenalemang 49126 Competent
Kruger Natasha 41740 Competent
Kruger Elsie 42010 Competent
Kumalo Dibuseng 21254 Competent
Kunene Tomeletso 48369 Competent
Kwena Boitshwarelo 49480 Competent
Labuschagne Elzani 35220 Competent
Lai Wing Lee 41545 Competent
Lambrecht Elizmari 42951 Competent
Landore Yolanda Bonita 48289 Competent
Lategan David 40146 Competent
Le Grange Marco 41941 Competent
Le Roux Tanya 40463 Competent
Le Roux Marlise 40762 Competent
Le Roux Illanka 36052 Competent
Lee Vanessa 29660 Competent
Legodi Tshepo 49555 Competent
Lekwape Tshegofatso 51311 Competent
Liebenberg Fredrerick 17503 Competent
Liebenberg Elmarie 25520 Competent
Limberg Christopher 7478 Competent
Linde Hermann 43478 Competent
Links Louise 41238 Competent
Lombard Chris 35958 Competent
Louis Nanette 47511 Competent
Luzipho Ncebakazi 47124 Competent
Madisha Lehlohonolo 42043 Competent
Madlala Ndumiso 39820 Competent
Mafiri Thabiso 18176 Competent
Magae Keolebogile 51303 Competent
Magxolo Thembinkosi 49680 Competent
Mahabeer Meena devi 47471 Competent
Mahlangu Nomsa 51302 Competent
Mahoney Andries 40731 Competent
Maimela Martha Modisi 47441 Competent
Maistry Maxine 40421 Competent
Majola Xolani 51300 Competent
Majola Kelebogile 33815 Competent
Majola Peter 49442 Competent
Makgoane Lydia 43052 Competent
Makhoba Nkosiyethu 29656 Competent
Makhubela Mothasa 40000 Competent
Makhubela Rixile Earle 47351 Competent
Malan Roelof 28926 Competent
Malete Pontsho 51294 Competent
Malise Relebogile 42891 Competent
Maluleka Emily 48159 Competent
Maluleke Tondani 51293 Competent
Maluleke Mfumo 49430 Competent
Mametja Mphuko 51289 Competent
Manikas Eugenie 41491 Competent
Manyathi Angel 41206 Competent
Maphumulo Velile 51288 Competent
Maphwanya Thendo 51285 Competent
Maree Anekita 51442 Competent
Maree John 51283 Competent
Masemola France 51282 Competent
Maseya George 50310 Competent
Mashele Jonas Mosa 48469 Competent
Mashele Ntsako 40339 Competent
Mashilo Kleinbooi 43087 Competent
Masikane Busisiwe 51278 Competent
Masilela Bantdlu 51276 Competent
Mathe Noria 49764 Competent
Mathevula Langutani 41829 Competent
Mathunjwa Bheki 51265 Competent
Matiwane Ayanda 51264 Competent
Matomela Noluvuyo 49657 Competent
Mavuso Nonhlanhla 31163 Competent
Mayer Michelle 51262 Competent
Mayise Lethukuthula 41654 Competent
Mbalula Vuyiswa 49333 Competent
Mbinda Adlaid 44371 Competent
Mbonambi Nothando 49407 Competent
McComans Grant 41646 Competent
McKenzie Karin 47638 Competent
Mdlalose Thabisile 51261 Competent
Meyer Marthinus 42246 Competent
Mhlongo Nandipha 29871 Competent
Mhlongo Nompumelelo 51259 Competent
Miller Charles 49282 Competent
Minnaar Charlton 42105 Competent
Minnaar Ian 31021 Competent
Mkhonza Lindelani 41201 Competent
Mkhumbuze Tankiso 41126 Competent
Mkhwanazi Makhosazana 40638 Competent
Mkize Sandile 33285 Competent
Moche Michael 51237 Competent
Moeketsane Motsumi 51234 Competent
Moelich Pieter 42083 Competent
Mofokeng Malefetsane 42515 Competent
Mogale Thabang 49755 Competent
Mogedi Phillip 51230 Competent
Moheta Tsholofelo 50458 Competent
Mojapelo Mamoraka 41901 Competent
Mojelo Pride 42689 Competent
Mokgope Phetego 47692 Competent
Mokhachane Maserame 42450 Competent
Mokoena Thapelo 48184 Competent
Mokoena Sydney 42067 Competent
Mokoto Lerato 48311 Competent
Molepo Madira 51218 Competent
Molepo Masehlare 49378 Competent
Moletsane Lorato 22948 Competent
Moloi Sibusiso 51210 Competent
Moloto Nare 51173 Competent
Mongwe Nyiko 39667 Competent
Monnye Moteka 23555 Competent
Monyaki Peter 51109 Competent
Moodley Pranisha 41738 Competent
Moonsamy Umendhrie 50473 Competent
Moorcroft Nicholas 26557 Competent
Moribe Unothando 46906 Competent
Moroka Khumoeng 51110 Competent
Moropane Motlonalo Charlote 47319 Competent
Moses Busisiwe 51171 Competent
Moteme Reneilwe 43131 Competent
Mothapo Selinah 51169 Competent
Mothiba Ngoanomokgoko 46223 Competent
Motlakwe Kefentse 35360 Competent
Motloung Dimakatso 30500 Competent
Motshologane Jerita Raisibe 44229 Competent
Motubatse Mmakgari Agnes 46319 Competent
Moyo Michael 46115 Competent
Moyo Mthobisi Hopewell 48474 Competent
Mphehlo Siwalindile 41665 Competent
Msache Elizabeth 51168 Competent
Msomi Smangele 51368 Competent
Mthembu Malibongwe 30736 Competent
Mthethwa Simangele 41214 Competent
Mtimunye Obakeng 51166 Competent
Mtintso Silas 49365 Competent
Mtyundyutho Funeka 51204 Competent
Muller Willem 42456 Competent
Muller Louise-Mari 42453 Competent
Mvakwendlu Cyprian Olwethu 51181 Competent
Mwale Edward 48694 Competent
Myeza Noluthando 42982 Competent
Mzendana Angel 51156 Competent
Mzimba Nandy 49833 Competent
Naidoo Krishnaveni 47156 Competent
Naidoo Vijendren 46759 Competent
Naidoo Jacqueline 41078 Competent
Naidoo Elishia 46894 Competent
Naidoo Karissa 50233 Competent
Nakin Lionel 49574 Competent
Ndimandi Vongani 50470 Competent
Ndleve Misho 35869 Competent
Ndlovu Tholumusa 51153 Competent
Nel Werner 40228 Competent
Nel Marizanne 42243 Competent
Nel Cameron 31167 Competent
Nene Terrence 47531 Competent
Netshiswinzhe Rofhiwa 43698 Competent
Ngamole Kealeboga 51149 Competent
Ngcobo Siyabonga 36134 Competent
Ngcobo Sanele 41750 Competent
Ngcobo Sihle 51200 Competent
Ngobeni Masungulo 40620 Competent
Ngobese Nomfundo Simphiwe 41131 Competent
Ngqangweni Ziyanda 49862 Competent
Ngubane Ndabenhle 46173 Competent
Nhlapo Noxolo 30998 Competent
Nienaber Rene 48512 Competent
Nkhumeleni Khumbelo 30217 Competent
Nkosi Nomathemba 48713 Competent
Nkosi Nthabeleng 46120 Competent
Nkume Ludumo 50311 Competent
Norval Carla 42448 Competent
Ntlahla Qaqamba Thandokazi 43441 Competent
Ntshangase Nokuthula Beauty 43439 Competent
Ntsoane Kgaugelo Prudence Raesibe 50235 Competent
Nunkoo Melisha 26148 Competent
Nyamajiwa Tapfuma 49483 Competent
Nyasuro Tumai 40833 Competent
Odyar Brendon 42799 Competent
Oliphant Tiyeho 51197 Competent
Pandaram Leonard 41333 Competent
Patel Muhammad 42952 Competent
Pelser Ulrich 41705 Competent
Pettit Abbygale 41955 Competent
Pezisa Vuyokazi 50313 Competent
Phosa Sabata 51114 Competent
Phungula Ronald 41217 Competent
Pienaar Petro 41223 Competent
Pienaar Marnus 29056 Competent
Pieters Reinarda 41815 Competent
Pieters Brandell 33448 Competent
Pieterse Danielle 41584 Competent
Pilane Retlametswe 28522 Competent
Pitamber Deepika 51196 Competent
Potgieter Samantha 32748 Competent
Prinsloo Dewald 16421 Competent
Pullin Ashley 35477 Competent
Qetsele Oyintanda 51195 Competent
Qwele Phumza 45920 Competent
Radebe Nompilo 51194 Competent
Ramaila Mmatlaaro 49438 Competent
Ramaloko Selaelo 49252 Competent
Ramodike Kabelo 35117 Competent
Ramphaka Thato 45040 Competent
Ranana Ntombikayise 51134 Competent
Randall Marice 42082 Competent
Randeree Mohammed 36148 Competent
Rantho Kanego 51133 Competent
Ravele Takalani 49436 Competent
Reddy Veronica 41915 Competent
Retief Lizane 41940 Competent
Reyneke Dinel 41958 Competent
Reyneke Jacques 31534 Competent
Robberts Ivan 35335 Competent
Robêrt Janine 16031 Competent
Roberts Cemelia 45643 Competent
Roelofse Julian 33550 Competent
Rosenberg Moegamat 41682 Competent
Roux Lise 39804 Competent
Ruiters Daniel 42353 Competent
Rust Jolanda 43832 Competent
Samsoodien Ahmed 31591 Competent
Scholtz Claire 41350 Competent
Scholtz Bianca 41885 Competent
Segotso Tlotlo 49380 Competent
Semunza Molaodi 51190 Competent
Senosi Kefilwe 49523 Competent
Shabudien Gool Ayesha 46566 Competent
Shandukani Talukanyani 50091 Competent
Shangase Samkelo 42943 Competent
Shange Zandile Florence 48513 Competent
Shiluvana Mucezi Davis 49922 Competent
Sibanda Mthabisi 51088 Competent
Sibiya Sibusiso 49861 Competent
Sidlayi Nokhanyo 51087 Competent
Sikhosana Nomvula 51086 Competent
Sikwe Keoratile 45857 Competent
Simelane Nosipho 47309 Competent
Simons Shahedah 50315 Competent
Simonse Jenico 49576 Competent
Sinden Bianca 41112 Competent
Singonzo Lerato 47277 Competent
Siphugu Lutendo 51085 Competent
Sithole Hlekani 51084 Competent
Sitole Nikeziwe 44241 Competent
Sitsila Euginia 49248 Competent
Slabbert Martina 35355 Competent
Smit Hilde-marié 41741 Competent
Smit Willem 40872 Competent
Smit Yolandi 52106 Competent
Snyders Nicole 21157 Competent
Sobopha Zanele Velencia 49907 Competent
Solomons Caslyn 51080 Competent
Somaroo Shoveeka 26149 Competent
Sonto Janice 41657 Competent
Soobramoney Clarissa 46672 Competent
Soyingwa Thandekile 41184 Competent
Steenkamp Sonique 41898 Competent
Stevens Shanon 41672 Competent
Steyn Lily 32643 Competent
Susan Johannes 42120 Competent
Swanepoel Johannes 31593 Competent
Swart Ròhan 42447 Competent
Swart AJ 42483 Competent
Swart Mariska 29116 Competent
Syse Bianca 41818 Competent
Tafane Anele 42132 Competent
Talane Brenda 49771 Competent
Taylor Lynette 28285 Competent
Tchokova Maya 45448 Competent
ten Krooden Louise 42920 Competent
Tenza Nomawethu 41130 Competent
Tewari Sharona 52247 Competent
thabana lovedalia morongwa 49748 Competent
Thaver Saraswathi 49334 Competent
Thulare Reitumetse 42509 Competent
Tladi Rosina 39822 Competent
Toerien Hendrik 51433 Competent
Troskie Karlien 42265 Competent
Trytsman Louise 40274 Competent
Tseka Makgalake 34002 Competent
Tsepetsi Dineo 51075 Competent
Tshabalala Mminah 51074 Competent
Tshavhungwe Onica 51073 Competent
Tsoai Unathi 51070 Competent
Tsoai Teboho 49631 Competent
Tsoeu Piet 42502 Competent
Umerji Fuzel 36147 Competent
Van Biljon Sonè 41746 Competent
Van der Merwe Amelia 42694 Competent
van der Walt Christiaan 49978 Competent
Van Der Westhuizen Nicolaas 42117 Competent
Van Der Westhuizen Wietse 41979 Competent
Van Deventer Natasha 41971 Competent
Van Dyk Ananda 42084 Competent
van Dyk Nelmarie 30427 Competent
Van Eeden Cheandre 35119 Competent
Van Eeden Delarey 50252 Competent
Van Huyssteen Salmond 40770 Competent
Van Marcke Ninette 29113 Competent
Van Marcke Renalta 41976 Competent
Van Niekerk Morne 27851 Competent
Van Tonder Johandrie 41496 Competent
van Vuuren Engela 24252 Competent
Van Wyk Morell 39803 Competent
Van Zyl Deon 21165 Competent
Van Zyl Lianè 41817 Competent
Van Zyl Leandri 42894 Competent
Van Zyl Gabriel 33073 Competent
Vather Yerissa 41311 Competent
Vatsha Asavela 42989 Competent
Venter Bertus 42725 Competent
Venter Natasha 35330 Competent
Vermeulen Nelmari 42236 Competent
Verwey Zelda 34386 Competent
Victor Annika 41957 Competent
Viljoen Leandè 41745 Competent
Viljoen Daniel 30469 Competent
Visagie Jan 35327 Competent
Visagie Pieter 31067 Competent
Visser Anene 40887 Competent
Vollenhoven Merle 47373 Competent
Vorster Lize 42116 Competent
Vorster Nadia 35383 Competent
Vos Bianca 34561 Competent
Warren Christi 49663 Competent
Wassenaar Neeltjie 29352 Competent
Waters Katelynn 42235 Competent
Watson Michael 41227 Competent
Watson Michael 41363 Competent
Watson Clive 42357 Competent
Willemse Pierre 47651 Competent
Williams Raymond 29761 Competent
Wolff Amrei 42986 Competent
Wolhuter Elizabeth 33043 Competent
Xhati Nombulelo 48269 Competent
Zihlangu Sinethemba 50468 Competent

The full listing of Competent Accounting Technicians

Last Name First Name SAIPA MEMBERSHIP NUMBER Results
Cloete Gideon 42249 Competent
Mathye Ntsako 49912 Competent
Motse Hilda 49521 Competent
Msila Charles 27377 Competent
Msweli Nokuthula 45314 Competent
Phasha Phulane 33275 Competent
Witbooi Mugelane 44719 Competent
Zakwe Sindiswa 48374 Competent

May 2018

Congratulations to all the following candidates who were found COMPETENT in the May 2018 sitting!

National Top Ten Candidates
1 Briers Carla Midrand
2 Joao Adelaide Upington
3 Schou Kevin Cape Town
4 Swanepoel Linda Cape Town
5 Hoosen Nadeem Durban
6 Badenhorst Jacqueline Potchefstroom
7 Mangwiro Godfrey Cape Town
8 Arjoon Renisha Durban
9 Mthimkhulu Nondumiso Priscilia Durban
10 Makoti Alexander Kimberley

Full results listing

Abrie Johannes Jacobus 14630 Competent
Abrie Kreshenke 40277 Competent
Adam Zacky 48475 Competent
Adams Jean-Lee 40870 Competent
Adams Odetta 46102 Competent
Ajam Wisahl 47228 Competent
Aliferis Natasja 32853 Competent
Amoah Daniel Kudjoe 45969 Competent
April Tarryn 35550 Competent
Archary Deon 42570 Competent
Arendse Tatum 39778 Competent
Arjoon Renisha 35977 Competent
Avenant Azilda 46459 Competent
Avungana Roy 46935 Competent
Badenhorst Jacqueline 42360 Competent
Bagrathee Shrimal 48408 Competent
Bailey Bennett 42199 Competent
Baleni Mphumzi 34920 Competent
Balim Irfaan 48358 Competent
Baloyi Katlego 21684 Competent
Banawo Minesh 32918 Competent
Bango Sithandiwe 47198 Competent
Batt Marisa 47554 Competent
Bekwa Hitekani 41884 Competent
Bijailall Pratiksha 42252 Competent
Biyela Nomthandazo Tholokuhle 35850 Competent
Biyela Nonkululeko 45998 Competent
Blose Phelile 25710 Competent
Botes Frikkie 40230 Competent
Briers Carla 35564 Competent
Bronkhorst Johannes David 35385 Competent
Burger Eunice 35336 Competent
Chabaesele Kesaoleboga 45891 Competent
Chetty Terrino 33993 Competent
Chiliza Mathapelo Angel 47276 Competent
Chipungu Hachiyona Cox 47236 Competent
Chisanga Vivianie 48210 Competent
Claassen Grant 47066 Competent
Cloete Garron Edward 40785 Competent
Coertze Charne 35486 Competent
Coetzee Rean 35122 Competent
Coonjan Arusha 28826 Competent
Cornelissen Cheryl 41053 Competent
Da Sousa Neto Marilene Margarietda 35942 Competent
Danileyo Yonela 47237 Competent
David Sherilyn 39726 Competent
Davids Nushaana 47238 Competent
Davids Lehane 35048 Competent
Davies Charmele 47543 Competent
De Klerk Anneli 16254 Competent
De Kock Leruscha 35334 Competent
De Lange Jaco 33223 Competent
De Smidt Relandi 47305 Competent
De Villiers Lize 35667 Competent
De Voux Yolanda 20175 Competent
De Witt Lelani 33635 Competent
Detter Annique 35699 Competent
Devilliers Amanda 28268 Competent
Dewlal Aneela 47266 Competent
Dhawnarain Sharosha 47447 Competent
Dikobe Kentsenao 47240 Competent
Dindar Hawa 33982 Competent
Dizamuhupe Christian 45155 Competent
Dlamini Ntobeko 31321 Competent
Dlamini Zenzele 47077 Competent
Dreyer Chanel 33874 Competent
Dreyer Michael 32707 Competent
Du Toit Adele 47544 Competent
Dube Edith 34709 Competent
Ebersohn Arno 39805 Competent
Engelbrecht Ryno 48470 Competent
Fakashe Nosicelo 46426 Competent
Ferreira Sophia 45066 Competent
Filmalter Jean-Claire 39727 Competent
Fitzgerald Louise 35627 Competent
Fortuin Tashwell 45366 Competent
Fourie Lian 36064 Competent
Fourie Daniel 34857 Competent
Fuller Leana 17325 Competent
Gaanamong Mmoloki 47072 Competent
Gangapersad Sandika 47205 Competent
Geldenhuys Lizelle 31440 Competent
Goosen Hannelien 14830 Competent
Gordon Penelope 46969 Competent
Gounden Thavania 47769 Competent
Govender Megenthren 23126 Competent
Govender Kubeshnee 30805 Competent
Govender Tamara 47503 Competent
Govindasamy Kate 46471 Competent
Hadebe Nothile 47959 Competent
Hadebe Mfanukhoma 33359 Competent
Hanekom Jonicka 33029 Competent
Harichander Kyleen 42775 Competent
Harideo Reshmi 40179 Competent
Haygarth Melissa 40140 Competent
Hendricks Marilynn 47634 Competent
Hira Hashil 40459 Competent
Hlabisa Wendy 32890 Competent
Hlase Wanda 15764 Competent
Hlatshwayo Lindinkosi 47323 Competent
Hlefane Sithoko 48215 Competent
Hlophe Mduduzi 43962 Competent
Hoosen Nadeem 47087 Competent
Human Hester Agnes 35135 Competent
Iqbal Sadiyya 47693 Competent
Isaac Samukelo 34317 Competent
Ismail Mujib 19465 Competent
Jack Jonita 48132 Competent
Jacobs Rudolf 35677 Competent
Janse van Rensburg Larne 25135 Competent
Janse van Rensburg Frederik 29898 Competent
Jansen van Rensburg Willie 35895 Competent
Jansen Van Vuuren Roelof 33238 Competent
Jantjes Wakalonji Friedel 48135 Competent
January Monde 48134 Competent
Joao Adelaide 47583 Competent
Johnson Shireez 23237 Competent
Jonck Wian 33668 Competent
Joubert Daviën 40760 Competent
Jula Henry Ntuthuko 46751 Competent
Kamaldien Aadil 42732 Competent
Kapuya Vincent 34004 Competent
Kasunzuma Panashe 48136 Competent
Kearns Marthinus 48511 Competent
Kemp Widaad 39779 Competent
Kgabage Thapelo Donald 47195 Competent
Kgalemone Emmanuel 48137 Competent
Khalo Tebogo 48138 Competent
Khomola Mutshidzi 39995 Competent
Khumalo Smangele 48235 Competent
Khuzwayo Mercy 35064 Competent
Kilian Hermanus 40334 Competent
Koatla Matumelo 48368 Competent
Kok Donato 48139 Competent
Kole Nomsa 45690 Competent
Kruger Louhan 43785 Competent
Kruger Hendrik 31453 Competent
Krynauw Renata 29016 Competent
Kwatapane Andries Malesela 48476 Competent
Lahteinen Penny 48146 Competent
Lakay Peta 39668 Competent
Landman Charne 33564 Competent
Latha Nompumelelo 23141 Competent
Lefopane Dorothy 39725 Competent
Lekgetho Leah 48153 Competent
Letsele Nkosana 33487 Competent
Levy Yusra 48422 Competent
Lock Lorraine 40420 Competent
Look Natasha 30404 Competent
Loots Loots 31259 Competent
Lourens Tamzin 40009 Competent
Luus Wessel 33844 Competent
Luyt Wayne 47715 Competent
Maano Mabojang Dorcas 46369 Competent
Maass Chantall 33369 Competent
Maboho Zeus 44135 Competent
Mabongo Nobuntu 47135 Competent
Madlala Lundiwe Lungile 47248 Competent
Maduramuthu Jacqueline 32782 Competent
Mafu Lerato 28555 Competent
Magan Rikesh 47561 Competent
Magaya Nkululo 41690 Competent
Magoro Fortune 47272 Competent
Mahlaba Theophilus 47250 Competent
Mahlangu Sizakele 48154 Competent
Majova Aphindile 46337 Competent
Makeleni Babalwa 48155 Competent
Makhalima Sandisiwe 48157 Competent
Makhuvele Xihlamariso Prescah 46353 Competent
Makoti Alexander 48156 Competent
Malatji Tsholofelo 42261 Competent
Maleke Thato 45672 Competent
Mamaregane Madumetsa 48197 Competent
Mamiane Phindile Tumiso 35339 Competent
Mangope Boitumelo 47219 Competent
Mangwiro Godfrey 40884 Competent
Mankwe Tebogo 48248 Competent
Manuel Alicia 36101 Competent
Maphuruma Gloria 21061 Competent
Maseko Fundiswa 41128 Competent
Masekwa Maria 30677 Competent
Mashala Kolobe 48166 Competent
Mashala Tebogo 47737 Competent
Mashala Seitia 48168 Competent
Mashati Odirile 48167 Competent
Mashilo Temana 47194 Competent
Mashiyane Phindile 34707 Competent
Masiteng Scelo 48236 Competent
Maskell Alayne 48307 Competent
Masombuka Shadrack 46088 Competent
Mathe Johannes 49255 Competent
Mathebula Vukosi John 35375 Competent
Mathonsi Simphiwe 40755 Competent
Matiwane Sandile 48170 Competent
Matladi Joseph 48193 Competent
Matlholwa Kgomotso 47214 Competent
Matomane Ncekukazi 45025 Competent
Matsebe Tsheola 44017 Competent
Matshaba Mikateko 48172 Competent
Matshakatshe Huusani 35075 Competent
Matshoane Oteng 47641 Competent
Matshoge Millicent 47300 Competent
Matlakana Moeketsi 46562 Competent
May Jonitrio 45948 Competent
Mazhindu Shadreck 35791 Competent
Mazibuko Gugulethu 45917 Competent
Mazibuko Tusiwe Memory 46320 Competent
Mbanjwa Thozama 34749 Competent
Mbatha Cebisile 48174 Competent
Mbili Nomusa Princess 46284 Competent
Mbotho Philile Precious 48175 Competent
Mbuthuma Fundiswa 46024 Competent
Meder Bronwyn 34924 Competent
Meder Natsha 47616 Competent
Meintjies Cornelius 32244 Competent
Meyer Lukas Johannes 35957 Competent
Mgiba Makatsi Neo 48373 Competent
Mikkelson Talia 48276 Competent
Mkhize Mbali 46863 Competent
Mncube Gugulethu 46917 Competent
Mngomezulu Sonto 41103 Competent
Mnombeli Thandolwethu 46248 Competent
Moatlhodi Wilfred 48220 Competent
Mobango Lazarus Maropeng 46360 Competent
Mocwane Tsala 46199 Competent
Modiba Masilo Isaiah 40333 Competent
Modise Frank 40398 Competent
Mofokeng Salmon Sesing 48177 Competent
Mogale Jeanette 48179 Competent
Mohale Joseph 46077 Competent
Mohanlall Deren 44540 Competent
Mohoje Raseeng 47327 Competent
Mokgatlhe Solofelang 48181 Competent
Mokgoro Masego 48182 Competent
Mokgosi Obakeng 44771 Competent
Molebatsane Obakeng 48218 Competent
Molefe Lenah 29059 Competent
Molelekoa Letlama 22861 Competent
Molepo Noxolo 48185 Competent
Montshwe Millicent 43133 Competent
Moreo Lesego 46913 Competent
Morolong Brynn 33426 Competent
Mosala Segomotsi 45915 Competent
Mosang Gaanewe 48190 Competent
Mothae Refuoe 48195 Competent
Motimele Makoma 33762 Competent
Motloung Thokozani 47617 Competent
Moyo Thembekile 47466 Competent
Mpanza Zanokusa 34380 Competent
Mphaphuli Phathutshedzo 32710 Competent
Mseleku Phila 48239 Competent
Msesenyane Musa 44126 Competent
Mtatambi Avumile 48249 Competent
Mthanti Londiwe 48199 Competent
Mthembu Eliot 40313 Competent
Mthimkhulu Nondumiso Priscilia 48203 Competent
Mtiyane Thembi 48250 Competent
Mtshali Wiseman 27043 Competent
Mtshali Nompumelelo 31863 Competent
Mtshali Malibongwe 33473 Competent
Mtshali Khethukuthula 48606 Competent
Mudaly Diloshan 30794 Competent
Muktasid Syed 48212 Competent
Muntsu Mabu 34850 Competent
Mushavhanamadi Thendo 35087 Competent
Mvinjelwa Tabisa 44601 Competent
Mwewa Moses 44131 Competent
Myeza Nokuthula 48251 Competent
Mzelemu Phindile 21521 Competent
Naicker Neil 44460 Competent
Naicker Bianca 35063 Competent
Naidoo Chantelle 34560 Competent
Naidoo Keshni 41881 Competent
Naidoo Julian Kevin 32153 Competent
Namanyana Kelemang 33559 Competent
Ncube Blessed 40705 Competent
Ncube Thandiwe 33288 Competent
Ndlebe Sandiwe 47618 Competent
Ndlebe Noluvuyo 39674 Competent
Ndlela Zilungile 40641 Competent
Netshituni Elelwani 32574 Competent
Ngogodo Cholofelo 35566 Competent
Ngwato Moagi 47321 Competent
Ngxingo Solomzi 48211 Competent
Nhlapho Vusi 48253 Competent
Nhlapo Ntombile 26729 Competent
Nkhoma Mncedisi 48206 Competent
Noko Katlego 46121 Competent
Nokoko Lwando 35683 Competent
Nondzala Euphemia 33196 Competent
Nortje Wayne 40227 Competent
Ntinzi Talita Nontle Joyce 44985 Competent
Ntshingila Lungile 48194 Competent
Nyoka Neliswa 48207 Competent
Obose Sivebise 28376 Competent
Odendaal Gideon 33980 Competent
Ohentswe Boipelu 40219 Competent
Oliphant Jennifer 48375 Competent
Olivier Eckhardt 45256 Competent
Pargas Nilesh 44223 Competent
Peritam Deenen 46991 Competent
Phakiso Refiloe 48255 Competent
Phelimon Denford 47265 Competent
Phiri Casiem 48201 Competent
Pila Katlego 41585 Competent
Pillay Roseanne 29183 Competent
Pillay Nivanie 48205 Competent
Pillay Le- Toya 40925 Competent
Pitout Ro-Charlle 35730 Competent
Powell Helene 47684 Competent
Pretorius Raimund 48482 Competent
Rabe Lindi 42289 Competent
Radebe Sthembile 36181 Competent
Radebe Sesi 40650 Competent
Rahoo Cheyonne 29911 Competent
Ramawa Lufuno 26940 Competent
Ramdhani Orlina 47159 Competent
Ramphal Suraksha 33981 Competent
Ramratha Satisha 48454 Competent
Ramushu Matlading 47452 Competent
Ratikoane Didimalang 47747 Competent
Reddy Prasanthi 46061 Competent
Rieck Elaine 48433 Competent
Roberts Charline 20117 Competent
Saaiman Roand 35937 Competent
Sadie Colette 35889 Competent
Saku Victor 46803 Competent
Sayers Grant 35666 Competent
Schalk Queeneth 48258 Competent
Scheepers Joharika 32596 Competent
Schou Kevin 40013 Competent
Sebopela Pontsho Dipolelo 46021 Competent
Seeku Segomotso 48217 Competent
Sekanka Nthabiseng 41303 Competent
Sello Sibongile 36149 Competent
Senokwane Mantswaki 32591 Competent
September Juliana 48196 Competent
Sesenyamotse Neo 47053 Competent
Setshedi Bontle 35377 Competent
Shabangu Thulani 47654 Competent
Shaik Nazlie 45989 Competent
Shannon Nico 40225 Competent
Siaga Nkhumeleni 34645 Competent
Sibeko Elizabeth 48377 Competent
Sikhala Kenneth 15650 Competent
Simelane Nontando 30515 Competent
Simmers Lyne 35181 Competent
Sing Rivaj 31246 Competent
Singh Avinash 47216 Competent
Sithole Siphamandla 48260 Competent
Sityebi Asanda 34662 Competent
Smit Hendrik 31351 Competent
Smit Franco 33430 Competent
Snyman Michelle 35132 Competent
Sogoni Sisanda 31816 Competent
Solomon Jason 47580 Competent
Solomon Jean-Pierre 31577 Competent
Sombexe Nicholas 47043 Competent
Sosibo Thobeka 48261 Competent
Steele Grahame 46739 Competent
Stephan Evette 36048 Competent
Steyn Therese 46044 Competent
Strauss Juanita 46548 Competent
Strydom Gous 41301 Competent
Strydom Cornelia 31354 Competent
Sukooa Adrian Edward 45368 Competent
Swanepoel Linda 48294 Competent
Swarts Carlisha 45946 Competent
Swiegelaar Adele 36182 Competent
Tau Ntsebeng 48262 Competent
Thipe Mapula 30616 Competent
Thompson Muriel 22765 Competent
Thulo Dikgang 45188 Competent
Thusi Sithembile 47264 Competent
Tlhakudi Lebogang 48379 Competent
Traut Elizma 36122 Competent
Truter Martli 27096 Competent
Truter Alida 35880 Competent
Tshisindi Marcia 40184 Competent
Tshivhase Arinavhanzhi 34003 Competent
Ungerer Xandre 42808 Competent
Van Der Merwe Jacques 41123 Competent
Van Der Merwe Christiaan Jacobus 40783 Competent
Van Der Sandt Willene 33488 Competent
Van Der Westhuizen Kelly 39673 Competent
Van Heerden Carl 33520 Competent
Van Rensburg Jessica 40318 Competent
Van Staden Leigh Anne 33912 Competent
Van Zyl Jacobus 29456 Competent
Vawda Sadiyah 39986 Competent
Venter Shalane 24499 Competent
Vergotine Chantelle 27739 Competent
Visagie Julandy 48219 Competent
Volkwyn Jodene 39776 Competent
Vorster Armand 26009 Competent
Weber Erika 36042 Competent
Wheeler Tigist 21522 Competent
Willemse Nicolene 35710 Competent
Wookey Shouneez 48263 Competent
Xali Aluta 28901 Competent
Xuma Babalwa 25530 Competent

November 2017

Congratulations to all the following candidates who were found COMPETENT in the November 2017 sitting!

In terms of the SAIPA policies the results of some candidates have been withheld, this is due to non-compliance to the assessment policies and procedures.

Top 10 November 2017

Results in alphabetical order, by surname.

Last Name First Name Region
Adam Nadeem Durban
Adlem Germy Limpopo
Albertyn Chevon Cape Town
Alexander Clinton Port Elizabeth
Allen Ilanda Midrand
Allworth Anchen Pretoria
Ally Yugeshni Midrand
Amon Hendrik Upington
Ascaray Jacqueline Tracy Port Elizabeth
Aspeling Chanel Cape Town
Avontuur Siobhan Port Elizabeth
Babu Neenu Cape Town
Badenhorst Leon Pretoria
Bakkes Dalton Pretoria
Baloyi Winny Pretoria
Baloyi Dineo Durban
Barberini David Midrand
Barkhuizen Riaan Port Elizabeth
Barnard Andrea Pretoria
Beath Marquerette Pretoria
Bellingan Maria Midrand
Bester Charlotte Cape Town
Bester Jeanre Cape Town
Bester Hester Pretoria
Beukman Sandra Kimberley
Beyers Louisa Pretoria
Bezuidenhout Madale Cape Town
Bhagowat Suveer Durban
Binda Zandile Midrand
Booth Ruan Cape Town
Booysen Menda Port Elizabeth
Bosch Andrea Pretoria
Boshoff Christelle Midrand
Bosman Marco Cape Town
Botha Leani Cape Town
Botha Chantelle White River
Botha Ronatan Potchefstroom
Bowers Michelle Cape Town
Boya Nolwando Pretoria
Breed Nicolas Gerhardus Bloemfontein
Brits Hermanus Midrand
Brits Annemi Limpopo
Brits Shaun Midrand
Britz Eloize Upington
Britz Ruan Midrand
Brown Amelia George
Buffel Bianca Cape Town
Burger Petrus Pretoria
Burger Natasha Midrand
Burger Leonard Cape Town
Burton Summers Midrand
Buthelezi Sifiso Durban
Bux Ridhvvana Durban
Bvuma Lorraine Midrand
Cele Gcina Durban
Celliers Johannes Potchefstroom
Chabalala Kulani Selby Midrand
Chadinha Eoudia Kuruman
Chander Samantha Durban
Chauke Octavia Midrand
Cilliers Yolande Midrand
Cilliers Marica Potchefstroom
Cilliers Adèle Midrand
Cingo Thabiso Durban
Cloete Altus Cape Town
Coetzee Mariette Cape Town
Coetzee Jeanette Bloemfontein
Coetzee Renaldo George
Coetzer Yvette Limpopo
Coetzer Theunis Pretoria
Coleman Nicolene Midrand
Cornelissen Philip Cape Town
Dabeepersadh Kashveer Durban
Damons Eben Kimberley
Daniels Schandré Cape Town
Daniels Tasneem Cape Town
Dannhauser Manica Limpopo
De Beer Doraine Pretoria
De Bruin Pierre Pretoria
De Jongh Barend Cape Town
De Klerk Mardieya Cape Town
De Koker David Matthys Cape Town
De Macedo Julio Midrand
de Villiers Johannes Pretoria
De Villiers Marike Cape Town
De Villiers Sjane Midrand
De Waal Sylvia Cape Town
De Wet Esmari Pretoria
Deysel Janene Port Elizabeth
Deysel Riana Cape Town
Diederichs Amore Midrand
Diepering Wesley Midrand
Dladla Thenjiwe Durban
Dladla Sinegugu Durban
Dlamini Gugulethu Durban
Dlamini Mcedisi Pretoria
Dlamini Dumisani Midrand
Douwenga Arjon Midrand
Du Plessis Jacobus Pretoria
Du Preez René Potchefstroom
Du Toit Paul Cape Town
Du Toit Barend Hendrik Cape Town
Dube Goodness Durban
Edigile Maphuku Midrand
Emeraan Natheera Cape Town
Engelbrecht Stef-Mari Midrand
Engelbrecht Rene Midrand
Engelbrecht Daleen Midrand
Enslin Johan Pretoria
Erasmus Louise Cape Town
Erasmus Maureen Pretoria
Faber Elizna Limpopo
Fanner Antony Cape Town
Ferreira Mauritz Potchefstroom
Ferreira Eunice Potchefstroom
Flores Jody Cape Town
Fortuin Lee-Vano Cape Town
Fortuin Delaine Cape Town
Fourie Tilana Potchefstroom
Franke Roland Potchefstroom
Franks Thanya Kimberley
Fredericks Razaan Cape Town
Fullard Michelle Potchefstroom
Gadebe Moses Midrand
Gajjar Joshila Port Elizabeth
Galo Masego Midrand
Geldenhuys Erica Pretoria
Gemeda Sisay Midrand
George Sheldon Midrand
George Ethel Cape Town
Germishuys Monique Cape Town
Gibbons Jessica Midrand
Gobo witness Cape Town
Goldie Pierre Cape Town
Goosen Rine Pretoria
Govender Pashnie Midrand
Govender Sarojini Durban
Govender Lionel Durban
Greeff Marli Bloemfontein
Griffin Gary Midrand
Grobler Elsabe Limpopo
Grobler Adriaan Pretoria
Groenewald Sonja Pretoria
Groenewald Antoinette Cape Town
Harichand Preshaanika Durban
Harker Roxanne Cape Town
Hattingh Johanna Limpopo
Hauptfleisch Leon Cape Town
Heine Simone Bloemfontein
Henning Michonne Midrand
Hlahu Aser Pretoria
Hlazane Themba Midrand
Hlengwa Nomaswazi Durban
Hloyi Mawonga Port Elizabeth
Hofsta Chad Duwayne Kimberley
Hoosen Riyadh Durban
Hülscher Gertru Pretoria
Itweleng Calvin Upington
Jacobs Belinda Potchefstroom
Jacobs Natasja Cape Town
Jacobs Stefan Cape Town
Jacobs Romano Kimberley
Jacobs Kyle Cape Town
Jankowitz Marene Pretoria
Janse van Rensburg Anja Bloemfontein
Janse van Rensburg Pieter Cape Town
Janse Van Vuuren Jacques Cape Town
Jeacocks Brendon Cape Town
Jobe Zinhle Midrand
Jobe Ntombiyenkosi Durban
Jordaan Gerda Upington
Joubert Madele Bloemfontein
Joyi Yali Durban
Julies Curtly Port Elizabeth
Julies Christaleen Cape Town
Julies Clifford Kimberley
Keswa Nontlantla Kuruman
Kgaswoe Lesego Pretoria
Kgolane Malokela Midrand
Khubama Talifhani Midrand
Khumalo Samkelisiwe Durban
Khumalo Thothobela Rachel Midrand
Kirsten Milton Cape Town
Klaassens Deezano Cape Town
Kobedi Ntombikayise Midrand
Kodasso Mbokani Tony Midrand
Kok Lezaan Pretoria
Kotze Leandri Bloemfontein
Kotze Wilmien Bloemfontein
Koverjee Anita Kimberley
Kriel Brendon Midrand
Kriel Roxy Midrand
Kufahakutizwi Brian Pretoria
Laas Albertus Midrand
Lakey Edwill Cape Town
Lamprecht Jacob Pieter Potchefstroom
Lander Sandra Durban
le Grange Christin Potchefstroom
Le Roux Siobhan Midrand
Le Roux Jean-Pierre Cape Town
Le Roux Roelien Pretoria
Lebelo Lerato Midrand
Lebjana Duduzile Midrand
Leendertz Gillian Cape Town
Legari Nosizi Midrand
Lesetjane Morobe Midrand
Letsoalo Tlodipyane Midrand
Liebenberg Elsabe Midrand
Lodewyk Dortina Kimberley
Lombard Danielle Pretoria
Lombard Wilmar Pretoria
Louw Ophelia Kimberley
Louw Carmen Cape Town
Lujiza Vuyolwethu Cape Town
Lukas Yolanda Cape Town
Luke Xoliswa Midrand
Lungoomiah Shaun Midrand
Luthuli Busisiwe Midrand
Maarman Tracy kimberley
Mabala Bhuyisile Upington
Mabaso Susan Bloemfontein
Mabika Primrose Midrand
Mabogoane Bodibeng Pretoria
Mabote Mokete Pretoria
Machete Dipuo Pretoria
Machoga Toko Midrand
Madlakane Luncedo Port Elizabeth
Madzhie Mavis Midrand
Madzinge Tshilidzi Pretoria
Maekela Iris Pretoria
Mafata Janine Kimberley
Mafereka Thokozani Pretoria
Maganda Nakato Pretoria
Mahalingham Nathanial Durban
Mahlaba Siphiwo Cape Town
Mahlabe Tshireletso Pretoria
Mahlaela Maphuasi Port Elizabeth
Mahlangu Fairhope Midrand
Mahomed Haniff Shivona Durban
Maifadi Kagiso Pretoria
Maistry Kavashni Durban
Majoro Dominic Toto Kimberley
Makama Tlou Elliot Pretoria
Makhubalo Lothando Midrand
Makhubele Abigail Midrand
Makwakwa Charity Midrand
Malatji Pertunia Limpopo
Malaza Nomzamo Felicity Midrand
Malebe Tshegofatso Pretoria
Maleka Motile Midrand
Malinga Bongani Pretoria
Mamane Unathi Midrand
Manaka Abram Mandla Pretoria
Manaka Lesibana Midrand
Manganye Wilson Midrand
Mans Tanja Potchefstroom
Manuel Brandon Cape Town
Manuel Moggamat De Aar
Manyela Sibongile Port Elizabeth
Maphosa Mkhululi Midrand
Mapuriye Teddy Midrand
Marais Jeandre Cape Town
March Lucrecia Upington
Mare Maryke Kimberley
Marincowitz Charlotte Midrand
Mashai Moore Midrand
Mashigo Tebogo Midrand
Mashigo Rejoice Pretoria
Mashiloane Ramolele Midrand
Masikane Nomathemba Durban
Masina Bongani Midrand
Masubelele Mafoko Midrand
Matheba Ramatsimele Albertina Limpopo
Mathebula Ntombizanele Midrand
Mathee Leonard Cape Town
Mathipa Mamohlape Rudolf White River
Mathole David Pretoria
Matjila Kgoro Midrand
Matthee Olebogeng Kimberley
Matthew Paul Midrand
Mattig Joshua Durban
May Alrico De Aar
Mazibuko Zamangwe De Aar
Mbalane Saneliswa Cape Town
Mbalekwa Simbongile Durban
Mbokazi Bongani Durban
Mbongwa Nokukhanya Yolanda Durban
Mboweni Hlayisani Midrand
Mckay Elzie Midrand
Mdlaka Lungisa Midrand
Mdlalose Nhlanhla Durban
Mdletshe Sibongile Durban
Meeran Aadila Durban
Mehta Binaca Durban
Meiring Nadine Pretoria
Meyer Jandrie George
Mgidlana Banele Cape Town
Mhaka Divilious Midrand
Mhulatshi Katlego Midrand
Mienie Christoffel Cape Town
Milanzi Rachel Midrand
Mnguni Siyabonga Mnguni Midrand
Mniki Yolande Kimberley
Mnisi Helen Midrand
Modan Muhommad Durban
Modise Happyboy Taole Midrand
Mofokeng Eulogius Cape Town
Mofokeng Dieketseng Kimberley
Mofubetsoane Nkadimeng Midrand
Mogale Keneilwe Jennifer Kimberley
Mojela Tlou Midrand
Mokhethi Malefetsane Midrand
Mokhutle Jafta Mmolawa Cape Town
Molokoane Thandi Kimberley
Moloto Kgabo Midrand
Monyane Majoro Durban
Moodley Greshain Midrand
Moodley Lavanya Durban
Mosala Thato Midrand
Mosenthal Mpoetse Midrand
Moshobane Dineo Gloria Kuruman
Mostert Louise Cape Town
Mothapo Mapule Midrand
Mothapo Phuti Midrand
Motloung Nwabisa Cape Town
Motona Mogomotsi Midrand
Moxham Tanja Durban
Moyo Emaculate Midrand
Mpanza Nosipho Durban
Mpila Qiniso Midrand
Mpunga Zipozakhe Cape Town
Mrwetyana Milelwa Midrand
Mthimkhulu Nosimilo Midrand
Mudziwa Khodani Pretoria
Muir Lindsay Cape Town
Mukwevho Ntshengedzeni Limpopo
Mulaudzi Queen Midrand
Munsami Logashnee Durban
Mushota Keegan Kimberley
Muthaphuli Azwihangwisi Midrand
Myburgh Jean Pretoria
Nadeem Muhammad Durban
Naicker Dayanthee Durban
Naidoo Kovilan Durban
Naidoo Euraisha Durban
Ndala John Midrand
Ndebe Ephraim Midrand
Ndlovu Zamayengwayo Violet Midrand
Ndungane Nandipha Midrand
Nel Charmaine Limpopo
Nemakonde Ntsieni Pretoria
Nene Simangele Durban
Nete Solomon Midrand
Ngcobo Errol Siphelele Phelelani Midrand
Ngema Properity Durban
Ngobeni Nehemia Midrand
Ngobese Sindisiwe Midrand
Ngozo Sthembiso Upington
Nhlapo Busisiwe Midrand
Nieman Michèlle Midrand
Nieuwenhuizen Alana Bloemfontein
Nightingale Thobela Midrand
Nimmerhout Justin Midrand
Njongi Sibonelele Cape Town
Nkadimeng Winnie Midrand
Nkala-Chiduza Lindelwe Midrand
Nkosi Sombu Midrand
Nkosi Bridgette Pretoria
Nkumbi Sanele Upington
Noko Bongani Eric Cape Town
Nothnagel Carien Midrand
Ntshabele Mfodi Midrand
Nyathi Tracy Midrand
Odendaal Roger Cape Town
Olahleng Martha Midrand
Oleastro Maria Midrand
Oliphant Jeremy De Aar
Olivier Heinrich George
Olivier Jolene Potchefstroom
Oosthuizen George Cape Town
Ossman Fauzo Midrand
Ownhouse Shanaaz Port Elizabeth
Patel Muhammad Asad Cape Town
Pawson Anri Midrand
Peens Amy Pretoria
Perumal Jaishree Durban
Peters Estiaan Port Elizabeth
Phadziri Tendani Limpopo
Phasha Kevin Midrand
Phasumane Mafori Pretoria
Phillips Mavillon David Upington
Phillipus Janice Upington
Phokoanae Grace Midrand
Phori Ntombekhaya Kimberley
Pienaar Magdalena Pretoria
Pienaar Jandré Midrand
Pietersen Jaco Cape Town
Pietersen Ashley Deon Midrand
Pillay Krishnee Midrand
Plaatjies Margo Cape Town
Poo Tebogo Pretoria
Prinsloo Nerine Pretoria
Prinsloo Theresa Midrand
Qanga Enathi Jongikhaya Port Elizabeth
Raath Madri Midrand
Rabotapi Constance Pretoria
Rafube Tsietsi Midrand
Raggo Rivaj Midrand
Raghunathan Aanand Durban
Rajah Essayvanie Midrand
Ramatheki Ntombizandile Kimberley
Ramba Nkosinaye Pretoria
Ramkubare Uveshca Durban
Ramokoka Ofentse Pretoria
Ratau Karabo Pretoria
Rautenbach Carlene Midrand
Reddy Thirumagal Cape Town
Reynders Tersia Pretoria
Roggen Cheron Cape Town
Rothballer Catharina Cape Town
Rungasami Kalayvani Durban
Saaiman Gerhard Cape Town
Saley Nazreen Midrand
Salome Emmanuel Kimberley
Samie Nas’r Cape Town
Samolapo Lobelo Kimberley
Santana Jessica Midrand
Schimper Amanda Limpopo
Schoeman Nadine Pretoria
Schuhknecht Xandri Potchefstroom
Seale Arthur Cape Town
Sebitlo Ditshego Midrand
Sedikane Molefi Midrand
Seima Mohlatlego Midrand
Sephton Larochelle Cape Town
Sephton Jeffrey Cape Town
Shabalala Thethekwane Alfred Bloemfontein
Shawayako Progress Namatirayi Midrand
Sibanda Sijabuliso Midrand
Silubane khethiwe White River
Singh Kimmoni Durban
Singh Ashrika Durban
Sithole Sizanani Pretoria
Sithole Lizzy Midrand
Sithole Lizzy Pretoria
Sithole Hlumisa Cape Town
Skosana Mehluli Qaba Midrand
Slabbert Arlo Port Elizabeth
Smit Lindy Cape Town
Smith Werner Pretoria
Snyders Tracey-Lee Upington
Snyman Riette Midrand
Snyman Jenrico Roger Port Elizabeth
Snyman Lehani Bloemfontein
Solomon Andylee Midrand
Solomons Alicia Cape Town
Steenekamp Ruald Midrand
Steyn Lente Bloemfontein
Steyn Magdel Midrand
Strydom Ilke Port Elizabeth
Strydom Liza Pretoria
Sulelo Nokuzola Midrand
Swanepoel Alicia Midrand
Swanevelder Anushka Pretoria
Swart Eduard Cape Town
Swart Diedre Potchefstroom
Swarts Stevan Pretoria
Swartz Cheryl-Lynne Cape Town
Tait Yvette Port Elizabeth
Takang Mamoiketsi Bloemfontein
Teffo Ananias Midrand
Ter Stege Amy Port Elizabeth
Terblanche Meiring Bloemfontein
Tjabane Confidence Maditaba Bloemfontein
Troskie Jacques Pretoria
Trotzky Maritza Cape Town
Tsaulwayo Ncane Olgah Durban
Tsengwa Sinovuyo Pretoria
Tshabalala Jabulani Sylvester Midrand
Tsoeli Keitumetse Pretoria
Tyindyi Nokwaliwa Florence Kimberley
Van Aarde Jane Potchefstroom
Van Aswegen Sarel Potchefstroom
Van Biljon Cecilia Potchefstroom
Van Der Merwe Marizette Midrand
Van Der Merwe Wilma Pretoria
van der Westhuizen Pieter Cape Town
van der Westhuizen Michelle Midrand
van der Westhuizen Bradley Clayton Cape Town
van Dorp Johannes Cape Town
van Dyk Petrus Limpopo
Van Eeden Zahn-Mari Cape Town
Van Jaarsveld Nicholas Potchefstroom
Van Jaarsveld Carisca George
Van Jaarsveldt Lizelle Pretoria
van Lill Tielman Nieuwoudt Potchefstroom
Van Niekerk Cecelia Bloemfontein
Van Niekerk Nadine Midrand
Van Tiddens Florentina Upington
Van Wyk Cecilia Pretoria
Van Zyl Janine Bloemfontein
Van Zyl Thalita Pretoria
Van Zyl Christian Cape Town
Van Zyl CHristiaan Pretoria
Van Zyl Benjamin George Cape Town
Vania Farid Midrand
Venter Danielle Midrand
Venter Jevane Potchefstroom
Venter Anja Midrand
Venter Bernard Midrand
Viljoen Jean-Henri Kimberley
Visser Jaco Pretoria
Wagener Heinrich George
Walters Anton Midrand
Wayiza Nomakorinte Durban
Webber Richard Pretoria
Wele Asanda De Aar
Welman Marina Pretoria
Wetherall Maryna Cape Town
Weyers Carla Port Elizabeth
Wiid Lourens Midrand
Willaims Gareth Cape Town
Willemse Azandi Midrand
Williams Nico Pretoria
Williamson Bianca Durban
Wolfaardt Gabriel Midrand
Woolley Timothy Durban
Yekwayo Busie Durban
Zeelie Ernest Bloemfontein
Zitzke Nadri Potchefstroom
Zondi Silindile Precious Durban
Zwane Sicelo Midrand

May 2017

Top 10 May 2017

Results in alphabetical order, by surname.

Abdool Fazel Durban
Abrahams Tazmeen Cape Town
Abrahams Fatimah Cape Town
Adewumi Oluwafemi Pretoria
Afonso Hilda Midrand
Afrika Marshall George
Altaaf Dildar-mia Durban
Andreas Carl North West
Andrews Eunice Cape Town
Appolus Lerato Midrand
Bahentse Moratiwa Pretoria
Bakker Jeneane Midrand
Balilal Jashmir Durban
Bam Ilisna Free State
Bans Natasha Cape Town
Basson Ju-Randa Cape Town
Baxter Lauren Port Elizabeth
Bear Gerda Leone Midrand
Bekker Jan Pretoria
Bhagwan Kaveeth Durban
Bishikwabo Namagara Midrand
Botha Dulce Midrand
Botha Daniel Mpumalanga
Bothma Clara Free State
Britz Nicolaas Midrand
Burchell Fiona Sheila Midrand
Burger Lize Cape Town
Carstens Ena-Marié Cape Town
Castelyn Deanna Free State
Chininga Sharon Midrand
Claasen Wianca Port Elizabeth
Cloete Elaine Cape Town
Coleman Madelein Free State
Corrie Ester Cape Town
Crause Wynand Port Elizabeth
Cwayi Phindiswa Cape Town
Dass Nashayal Durban
Daswa Maria Pretoria
Davids Tasleem Cape Town
De Bod Verna Cape Town
De Waal Annemarie Pretoria
de Waal Cornelis Cape Town
Dirks Lentino Cape Town
Dlamini Hlahlelihle Midrand
du Bruyn Carol Mpumalanga
Du Plessis Sune Midrand
Du Plooy Johan Cape Town
Du Plooy Lianie Free State
du Plooy Adriana Pretoria
Du Toit Eloise Midrand
Du Toit Alichia Midrand
Du Toit Nicolene North West
Du Toit Christiaan Midrand
Essa Ebrahim Durban
Esterhuizen Christinelle Midrand
Fatyi Nomaxabiso Midrand
Fourie Divan Cape Town
Fourie Diedereck Limpopo
Fourie Ciska Pretoria
Fourie Melissa Midrand
Gaduka Zweli Midrand
Gasela Sindiswa Pretoria
Geldenhys Anrich Port Elizabeth
Gerber Bronwyn May Midrand
Gertse Gayrèe George
Ghazi Minnesh Midrand
Gounden Wesley Midrand
Gounden Kosilla Durban
Govender Minolen Midrand
Govender Vaneshree Midrand
Govender Ugen Durban
Greeff Johann Hancke Pretoria
Greeff Maria Pretoria
Griessel Lurinda Free State
Hamman Annemie North West
Haripersad Thasvir Durban
Harmse Luzanne Free State
Haywood Werner North West
Hofmeester Hilmar Cape Town
Ingle Keith Cape Town
Jacob Mohammed Durban
Jansen Van Vuuren Melissa Pretoria
Joubert Janus Pretoria
Joubert Nicola Midrand
Kahts Delarey Cape Town
Kantani Lesego Puleng Free State
Karamchand Dhiraj Durban
Karsten Philadelphia Midrand
Kgoetiane Masemola Aubrey Limpopo
Khan Khatija Durban
Khan Muhammed Durban
Khomani Nunu Midrand
Killian Let-Marie Port Elizabeth
Klaver Tertius Midrand
Kock Christopher Midrand
Koen Mari Midrand
Kojana Thembakazi Free State
Kruger Lize-Marie Midrand
Kwarire Victor Midrand
Kymdell Christopher Free State
Lance Samantha Pretoria
Langa Mmathabo Grace Midrand
le Roux Tarryn Port Elizabeth
Le Roux Gabriel Daniel Cape Town
Le Roux Willem Midrand
Legodi Nomsa Limpopo
Lelake Selina Pretoria
Levy Tazneem Cape Town
Ligege Rofunwa Midrand
Lombela Kyenge Midrand
Lotter Audrey Port Elizabeth
Lusenga Themba Reginald Pretoria
Mabelane Margaret Pretoria
Mabuda Tshamunwe Midrand
Magangxa Fadzai Cape Town
Mahala Miliswa Pretoria
Makapane Maphefo Midrand
Makgalemane Moipoti Midrand
Makweya Mosima Pretoria
Malope Samukelo Emmiah Midrand
Malungana Vutomi Mpumalanga
Mamanyoha Masilo Midrand
Mapfumo Ndivhuwo Cape Town
Marais Jan Midrand
Marais Andre Free State
Masala Unarine Midrand
Masilo Palesa Midrand
Matana Ntombikayise Cape Town
Mathebula Humbulani Midrand
Matthew Ataliah Leandra Midrand
Maxhego Nomthandazo Midrand
Mbhele Mbali Durban
Mbonambi Makhosi Midrand
Mbonambi Mkhanyisi Durban
Meyer Branwell Pretoria
Michaels Lee-Cardo Cape Town
Minnaar Jacobus North West
Mitchell Johan Mpumalanga
Mkhize Lindani Durban
Mkhize Simphiwe Durban
Mkulisi Mildred Durban
Mncanca Ziyanda Midrand
Mndiyata Ntombizandile Port Elizabeth
Mngoma Mfundo Durban
Mohlahlo Khomotso Pretoria
Moikanyane Phina Pretoria
Mokoele Chrishalda Limpopo
Moloi Modibedi Free State
Moodley Joleen Durban
Moodley Lisa Midrand
Moodley Shamala Midrand
Moodley Thaveshen Durban
Moolla Aslam Durban
Mosoma Given Pretoria
Mostert Elzaan Cape Town
Moyo Phathiswa Midrand
Mpanda William Madini Pretoria
Mpharalala Mapula Cape Town
Mpila Lawrence Pretoria
Mthethwa B Midrand
Mungal Vidasha Durban
Munsamy Kimeshan Midrand
Muriya Governor Midrand
Muthen Rochelle Durban
Mvundura Trevor Durban
Naidoo Karusha Durban
Naidoo Seshnee Durban
Najoe Lerissa Port Elizabeth
Nakanyane Modisaotsile North West
Nanabhai Ismail Midrand
Naniso Hlengiwe Durban
Ncengwa Innocent Midrand
Ndlovu Sinikiwe Durban
Nedzamba Margaret Pretoria
Nel Wynand Cape Town
Nel Johannes Port Elizabeth
Ngcobo Msizi Durban
Ngubane Patrick Pretoria
Nieman Heleen Mpumalanga
Njuguna Peter Cape Town
Nkuna Mvenga Sydney Midrand
Nkuna Lawrence Midrand
Nobatana Sakhumzi Cape Town
Nsibande Sindisiwe Durban
Nyoni Jabulani Pretoria
Oranje Melissa Cape Town
Ostmann Nicolene North West
Panday Vinusha Durban
Parker Tasneem Cape Town
Peens Sannelie North West
Petersen Zulpha Cape Town
Pieterse Crushaan Cape Town
Pillay Theon Durban
Pillay Lushen Midrand
Pilodia Zakkiya Midrand
Postma Anlia North West
Potgieter Justus Pretoria
Potgieter Leryke Midrand
Pretorius Ninon Mpumalanga
Pretorius Annemari Midrand
Pretorius Anandi North West
Price Constance Midrand
Ralehoko Simon Cape Town
Ramanala Nthambeleni Samuel Limpopo
Ramballi Shanel Durban
Rathiram Radesh Midrand
Rautenbach Danie Cape Town
Reid Natasha Midrand
Richards Aldron Cape Town
Richter Aletta Durban
Ripepi Casley Cape Town
Robbertse Rolinda Midrand
Roopraj Presheen Midrand
Roos Tielman Cape Town
Sales Sheree Midrand
Salley Eric Free State
Sands Amy Cape Town
Scheepers Petrus Johannes Pretoria
Sebashe Masilo Midrand
Sebole Tebogo Midrand
Sevenster Nicolai Pretoria
Sewpersad Surekha Durban
Sewpersad Shubnam Durban
Sewsankar Virasha Durban
Shaw Aimee Midrand
Shunmugam Roland Midrand
Sibutha Phathiswa Port Elizabeth
Sithole Onke Durban
Smit Joachim Pretoria
Smit Jacob Mattheüs Midrand
Smith Cheryl Midrand
Smith Cindy Midrand
Sono Ncamisile Pretoria
Sookoo Shaldon Durban
Stadler Anzet Cape Town
Stegmann Andrew Pretoria
Steyn Anna North West
Stigling Vinolia Midrand
Studdard Nathasia Midrand
Susan Natasha Cape Town
Swanepoel Rianza Free State
Swartz Jerome Cape Town
Swigelaar Sue-Lynn Cape Town
Tasara Delene Midrand
Taute Anja Cape Town
Theron Lilian Cape Town
Thwala Thulisiwe Pretoria
Todd Devin Pretoria
Treiber Bianca Cape Town
Tshambula Nolubabalo Midrand
Tshazibana Willam Pretoria
Tshiambaro Khathutshelo Midrand
Van Der Merwe Gregory Midrand
Van der Merwe Ilze Midrand
Van Der Walt Jeanette Pretoria
van Mieghem Rozann Cape Town
Van Niekerk Basel Midrand
Van Wyk Zanelle Cape Town
Van Zyl Christelle Free State
Vilakazi Phiwinhlanhla Midrand
Visser Christine Cape Town
Welgemoed Dawid Cape Town
Wiggill Raymond Port Elizabeth
Wiid Monique Durban
Williams Louise Durban
Williams Sharidon Free State
Wilson Anzel Cape Town
Wium Wynand Midrand
Wyman Charles Cape Town
Yantolo Kanyisa Port Elizabeth
Zaba Thabo Cape Town