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Free Accounting & Mathematics Support Sessions For Grade 12


You only have one chance to get the best Grade 12 Accounting and Maths results you can!

We can assist you to prepare for your final Grade 12 Accounting and Maths exams facilitated through a convenient, structured, and practical method to achieve the best possible results.

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity!

Throughout our 38-year history SAIPA, has been actively supporting high school education, primarily through academic support programmes and Olympiads for teachers and learners.

The 2020 academic year has already been largely disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. SAIPA has recognised the challenges both learners and teachers face, resulting from this disruption. We have therefore developed a short yet impactful 6-day programme to address these challenges to assist Grade 12 learners in their upcoming exams.


This year the Grade 12 Accounting and Mathematics Support Project will be vital to the needs of Grade 12 learners who need to improve their exam performance.

    How will the programme work?

    • The programme was developed using recent past NSC papers in Accounting and Maths
    • Lessons will be facilitated online using the Zoom platform
    • Individual learners can register to access the free support sessions
    • Teachers can register on behalf of their school to access the free support sessions for grade 12 learners in their school
    Do I need to pay for the Accounting and Maths support sessions?
    • No, there is no payment required, these support sessions are free of charge to grade 12 learners and schools who want assistance with accounting and maths.
      When will the programme start?
      • The programme will take place every Saturday from 19 September 2020 and end on 24 October 2020
      • Times of the programme every Saturday are from 08:00 – 16:00
      • This will cover 2 subjects namely Accounting and Maths – each Saturday

      Do I need special equipment to access the programme ?
      • Learners may log on individually. They do not need any special equipment to attend the programme, a standard desktop or laptop with good quality internet connectivity will suffice. Learners should also bring a calculator, note-pad and pen/pencil to take notes on topics and to practice calculations.




      • In areas where learners lack digital connectivity, schools should arrange a venue where connectivity is available.




      • These schools must arrange for teacher attendance to ensure adherence to Covid-19 protocols and to assist learners.




      • Should a central venue with connectivity not be available, recordings of the sessions will be distributed to schools and district subject advisors in a format that suits the school environment.


      Registered learners will have access to preparatory notes on MYSAIPA, our digital member platform in order to prepare for classes.

      How can I participate?

      Learners and teachers are welcome to participate. Simply click on the relevant links below and register.

      Registration for the free accounting and maths sessions closes on 7 September 2020.

      Once you register, we will send you details of the links to the sessions.


      Should you have any queries please email to Marcia Masipa on or Mercy Malungani on