Accounting, Mathematics & Mathematical Literacy

Enrichment & Academic Support Project for Grade 12 Learners


You only have one chance to get the best Grade 12 Accounting and Maths results you can!


Let SAIPA assist you with preparing for your final Grade 12 exams in these subjects through convenient, structured, and practical tutorial support programmes.

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity!

The South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) is committed to producing videos on major topics in Accounting, Mathematics & Mathematical Literacy that can be downloaded for use in classrooms under teacher supervision or independently by learners at times that suit them.

Learners may be watching these in different settings and at unpredictable times e.g. in groups in class, individually at home, or on their phones.

Our aim is to encourage responsibility, to motivate learners to achieve success, and to support teachers with additional video resources.

What is the SAIPA Enrichment & Academic Support Project?

This program is offered FREE of charge by SAIPA. The Accounting, Mathematics & Mathematical Literacy 40-minute videos comprise online tutorials (hosted on the Zoom platform) aimed at Grade 12 learners who want assistance in preparing for the NSC examinations in these subjects.

All content is fully aligned to the CAPS curriculum for NSC and IEB. The lessons consist of an Accounting, Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy teaching video together with resource material comprising questions, answer templates (if appropriate) and fully worked out marking guides.

Who can register to participate?

Grade 12 learners (individuals and groups at school) who have chosen Accounting, Mathematics & Mathematical Literacy as school subjects.

How does it work?

Experienced teachers from across the country provide videos on the Accounting, Mathematics & Mathematical Literacy NSC 2022 papers.

Learners are able to log questions on the SAIPA portal. Zoom tutorial sessions will be arranged depending on demand, videos will be available from 1 May 2023

This course covers the following topics:

Grade 12 Accounting

  • Financial statements (Statements of Comprehensive Income, Financial Position and Cash Flows);
  • Interpretation of financial information;
  • Corporate Governance; Manufacturing & Cost Accounting; Budgets & projected Income Statements;
  • Reconciliations (Bank, Creditors, Debtors & Age-Analysis),
  • Internal Control and Ethics.

Grade 12 Mathematics

  • Algebra,
  • Number Patterns,
  • Functions,
  • Calculus,
  • Finance,
  • Probability,
  • Data Handling,
  • Trigonometry & 3D Trigonometry;
  • Euclidian & Analytical Geometry.

Grade 12 Mathematical Literacy

  • Finance: Documents & Conversions;
  • Finance: Tax & Tariffs;
  • Data Handling; Measurement;
  • Maps & Probability.

The focus of these videos is to promote real understanding, reasoning and confidence in critical, analytical and mathematical thinking, and creative problem-solving.

How can I participate?

Learners and teachers are welcome to participate. Simply click on the relevant links below and register.


  • Visit Learner Registration ( to register
  • This link is also obtainable from the SAIPA homepage:
  • If you are not a SAIPA member, you need to create a MySAIPA account before you can register (at no additional cost).
  • Once successfully registered you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Schools may enter as many learners as they wish. Individuals are welcome to enter.
  • This Enrichment and Support Project is generously funded by SAIPA and is FREE. No payment is required.
  • Participants in including groups in class (Schools) and individuals will be required to sign documentation for SAIPA’s Socio Economic Development Initiative.

Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details you require, as well as the links to access the sessions.

REGISTER now for immediate access here

Contact Us

Should you have any queries please email Marcia Masipa on or Mercy Malungani on

Contact Us

Should you have any queries please email Marcia Masipa on or Mercy Malungani on