Annual Membership Fees

SAIPA - 2023 Fees Schedule

Membership Fees incl. VAT

Professional Accountant (SA) R7,891.02
Accounting Technician (SA) R5,135.50
Professional Tax Specialist (SA) R5,135.50
Professional Tax Practitioner (SA) R5,135.50
Professional Tax Technician (SA) R5,135.50
Trainees R1,291.79

Business Advisor Fees incl. VAT

Global Business Advisory Technician (GBAT) R5,135.50
Global Business Advisory Professional (GBAP) R5,135.50
Global Business Advisory Specialist (GBAS) R5,135.50

SAIPA Banking Details

Bank: FNB
Branch: Killarney
Branch code: 256205
Account no: 62094572487
Swiftcode: FIRNZAJJ

Please use your member number, initials and surname as a reference on any payment and submit all proof of payments to