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CoTE Applications for SAIPA Members


Existing full SAIPA members can apply for the Professional Tax Practitioner (SA) designation if they wish so. Please note that this is not compulsory, but recommended, as you will still be recognised by SARS based on your Professional Accountant (SA) designation.

A Subscription fee of R586.26 (incl. vat) is payable, should existing SAIPA members wish to add the Professional Tax Practitioner (SA) designation to their current professional status.


Grace period on tax registrations for existing SAIPA Members

SAIPA Members that are currently tax practitioners are required to verify and update their details through e-filing or at a SARS branch.  Existing SAIPA members with a Tax Practitioner Reference Number must complete a TP1 Application form not to re-register, but only to indicate which recognised controlling body you belong to.

This is a voluntary registration and does not prevent existing members from being registered as a tax practitioner with SARS if they are currently in good standing with SAIPA.

SAIPA members should encourage their known SAIPA Partners and Staff who meet the Institute’s minimum requirements to become a professional tax technician (SA) or Professional Tax Practitioner (SA) to register with the SAIPA CoTE. As new affiliate members, they will qualify for the Professional Indemnity cover of up to R2.5 million which ensures that they are protected against third-party claims from clients

Newly registered SAIPA CoTE members pay an Annual Affiliate Membership fee of R3,651.09 (incl. Vat).