Where Do You Want To Be In 5 Years’ Time?

Bringing accounting to life
When it comes to job interviews, the usual questions will pop up: “Why do you want to work here?” “How would people describe you?” And, of course, “Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?” It is a tough one, especially for those of us who cannot clearly see into the future. You may want to add a little sarcasm to the intense conversation by saying, “If you have a magic crystal ball, I can tell you. I left mine at home.”

But it is a valid question and that is why it shows up all the time. Employers are not only testing whether or not you will stay around once they hire you, after all, it takes a fair amount of extra money to hire someone than it does to keep someone on the payroll for an extended period. They also want to test whether or not you have a clear vision of the kind of future that you want and have already formulated the clear path necessary to achieve it. The future will arrive, whether you plan for it or not. However, planning is the key to unlocking the future that you most desire.

If you are studying to be an accountant, you probably chose this profession for a reason. You may be inspired by someone you admire or have heard that accountants make the big bucks. Either way, you have started down a road and there are various ways to reach your destination. If you want to find out more about the accountant’s life and look at further study opportunities to advance your future career, then click here and speak to a SAIPA consultant. And if you are currently studying to be an accountant, then you will be interested in SAIPA’s Student Membership benefits, such as a discount on academic textbooks… yep, we thought you might like that. Your turn: Share your five-year plan with us in the comments section below.