SAIPA Your Law

The SAIPA Resource centre, which includes SAIPA Your Law publications, has been introduced in an attempt to consolidate all the pertinent information on the SAIPA website for members. The information pieces will change continuously with the most current information being available on the page. Click on the links to read the full articles and information pieces.

SAIPA Member Employee Guide 2019

The requirements for the SAIPA Member Employee Guide are continuously under review, due to the ever-evolving environment in which the Institute operates.
The SAIPA TSSD/Legal team will, therefore, endeavour to regularly review and update this guide as warranted.

SAIPA has partnered with the Contemporary Gazette to make access to information very easy for professionals i.e.:

Regular insightful updates on relevant new laws

Providing regular newsletters, site and twitter updates regarding SA national law of relevance to business.

Comprehensive database of new laws

New laws can be searched according to latest additions, by category, by search or alphabetically.

Unique features

Laws contain related content on the same page and red flags enable the user to see recent/proposed changes in context to current text.

Click below to download the SAIPA Your Law Issue: