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TERS applications officially reopen
Annexure A - Claim 2
Annexure B - Claims 1
TERS Policy Interpretation
TERS Update Letter 17.07.2021
TERS Extension Employer letter 18-07-2021
Level 4 Direction on Extension of Covid-19 Ters Benefit
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Annexure B .National_Disaster_Payment-Excel_Template-FINAL-Phase-3
Annexure A– Listed Sectors
Annexure B – Listed Sectors
TERS Update 06 July 2021
TERS Refund Template
TERS Update 04 December 2020
Post-Verification Exercise to be Conducted by Audit Firms
TERS Payment Period 16 September 2020 to 15 October 2020
COVID-19 TERS Benefit Applications for Foreign Nationals
Revised Explanatory Note - TERS Extension Jul-Aug 2020
UIF Covid19 TERS Update – Eligibility to Claim
UIF Enhancements updates
UIF bank verification Updates
Extension Direction Communication
Further Direction on Vulnerable Workers
Explanatory Memo on New Direction
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Steps to Change Banking Details on TERS Website
National Disaster Payment Excel Template
Guidelines to Convert Excel to CSV
TERS Benefit Calculator
Undertaking Letter COVID19 TERS
Circular No 12 of 2020 Guidelines on COVID 19 TERS
COVID-19 Temporary Employee/Employee Relief Scheme
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