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Professional Tax Technician (SA)

SAIPA has a Centre of Tax Excellence (CoTE) for tax practitioners who wish to specialise in the field of taxation and obtain higher standards of distinction.

Services that can be performed by a Professional Tax Technician (SA) include:

  • Register with SARS as a Tax Practitioner in terms of the new Tax Administration Act
  • Register Individuals for Income Tax purposes
  • Prepare and file Income Tax returns through SARS e-filing
  • Do VAT registrations
  • Do PAYE registrations
  • Prepare Basic VAT returns
  • Prepare Basic PAYE returns
  • Basic notice of objections for all tax types
  • All tax registrations
  • Applying for TCCs Check Tax Compliance Status (TCS) for taxpayers
  • Attend to SMEs without complex transactions
  • Attend to enquiries as support for Tax Professionals

What do I need to qualify?

  • National Diploma in Taxation, or passed second year of a Commerce degree with Taxation as a major and at least Accounting 3;
  • 18 Months or more of verifiable practical experience in a tax environment; and
  • CoTE Professional Tax Examination


  • Four years of verifiable practical experience in a tax environment (apply for the Recognition of Prior Learning RPL); and
  • CoTE Professional Tax Examination