Professional Tax Specialist (SA)

If the thought of being busier than usual around the start of a tax year makes your heart sing, you may want to become a Professional Tax Specialist (SA). You will know tax law and practices inside and out and be in demand at accountancy firms, financial institutions, legal firms, as well as companies that have their own tax teams. South Africa is currently in need of tax specialists, which means that you can expect a high salary.

What do Professional Tax Specialists (SA) do?

As a Professional Tax Specialists (SA), you can register with SARS as a practitioner in terms of the new Tax Administration Act. You can also perform all the services performed by a Professional Tax Practitioner (SA), which includes registering all tax types and preparing and filing tax returns for individuals for all types of businesses. Additionally, you can represent taxpayers in court, write tax opinions, and mediate tax disputes. In short, for any kind of tax issues, you will be there to help those who do not understand taxes.

How do I Qualify for this Designation?
You can qualify if you obtained a post-graduate qualification in taxation and gained at least three years’ experience in an advanced tax environment, or if you are a full SAIPA member, with a relevant Master’s degree.

How much do I stand to earn?

At the time of this writing, the average pay for a Professional Tax Specialist (SA) is R473 271 per year, which translates to approximately R39 439 per month.

If you are a student and you want to find out more about the Accounting Technician (SA) designation, you can do so by becoming a student member of SAIPA. As a student member, you will have direct access to technical knowledge and support from qualified accountants. Our Centre of Tax Excellence is yours to use for all academic-related queries.