Project Achiever FAQs

Project Achiever 2021 Funding Q&A

The February 2021 intake of Project Achiever candidates will not be funded We realise this is a major disappointment to those who cannot afford the programme fees and apologise for circumstances beyond our control. To help you understand why, we present a set of questions and answers below:

How are Project Achiever candidates funded?

Project Achiever was previously funded for:

  • Black South African candidates
  • Coloured South African candidates from the Northern and Western Cape
  • South African candidates with disabilities

Unfortunately, funding has not been made available for the February 2021 intake. Applicants will therefore be required to pay the programme fees themselves.

Why is funding not available?

In the past, qualifying candidates were funded by FASSET (Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority). Although SAIPA has applied for funding from FASSET for 2021, we have not yet received their response.

Why not wait for funding?

Until we receive feedback on our funding proposal, we unfortunately cannot estimate if and when funding will become available. We have therefore decided to continue with the current intake to allow those who are able to attend, the opportunity to do so.

Why is the programme not offered for free?

SAIPA does not make any profit from Project Achiever. All programme fees go towards covering our costs, such as administration, project materials, online services, presenter fees, facilitators and markers. Because of these fixed expenses, we are unable to offer the programme for free.

Why doesn’t SAIPA cover the cost?

SAIPA is a non-profit membership organisation. The fees we receive from our members are used to fund our operations and render the services they are entitled to. We cannot redirect these funds to Project Achiever without sacrificing their membership benefits.

How can I take the PE if I can’t afford Project Achiever?

Candidates are not required to attend Project Achiever in order to take their Professional Evaluation. The programme has been shown to better prepare aspiring SAIPA members for the PE but is independent of the assessment itself.

So why is Project Achiever so popular?

Project Achiever has become known for producing exceptional accountants who excel in lateral thinking and problem-solving. While its graduates are typically top performers in the PE, the advanced competencies they learn give them a significant advantage in their careers.

Will funding be available in the future?

We hope to resume funded intakes as soon as possible. Although we will continue to apply for funding from FASSET, we are also investigating possible alternative sources, like private sector funding.

Are there alternatives to being subsidised?
SAIPA offers a payment plan that splits the course fee into two easier instalments. You can find current information about the payment plan and the latest fees on the Project Achiever homepage.


SAIPA continues to seek opportunities that empower disadvantaged candidates to realise their dream of becoming a Professional Accountant (SA)