Augmented Reality (AR) Message

From your Hosts Faith Ngwenya & Khaya Sithole

Register for Accounting iNdaba 2022 – Bookings close soon!

View a special Augmented Reality (AR) invitation from our esteemed co-hosts Faith Ngwenya and Khaya Sithole.


Click on

This link will take you to the QR code, which you will scan with your phone.


Scan the QR code with your device camera, QR code reader app or open in your device browser.

Your phone screen will look like this:


Push the prompt on the device.


Orientation permission will be requested, push ok and allow Access Motion & Orientation


Once through you can select to hear Faith or Khaya’s message


These go to different “paths”. There is a restart button in the bottom right corner that restarts the experience so you can watch both paths without having to completely reload.


Once the videos have been viewed you can click the “register here” button which will link directly to to register.