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Virasha Moodley

Virasha Moodley

Entrepreneur| Mom |Wife |Professional Accountant

I am Virasha Moodley, Director and CEO of Virasha Moodley Incorporated based in Newcastle, KZN and this is my story…

So where did it all begin you may ask?

After completing high school, I commenced with Articles at a local Accounting firm in Newcastle, whilst attempting to complete my degree in Accounting Science, simultaneously. After being in the employ of others for a number of years, I felt I was not living my purpose and although I loved Accounting, there was no improvement in terms of personal growth. I simply did not enjoy the ideology of being restricted and fixed when the field has so much more to offer. It was then I realised that I wanted a seat at the table, MY OWN TABLE and the ability to recruit others to that same table. I went on to pursue my passion of Accounting and people in the form my very own Accounting firm.

With the support of my husband Nishen, my family, and mentors in business, I began the process of opening my firm, strategizing, planning and setting goals for myself and the business. The sound of the voice of my very first client and friend who’s company I was employed in, at the time, still rings in my ear: “Just do you, keep the courage, you are going to make it”. Women supporting women, it’s a feeling like no other.

The initial start-up stages in business with regards to obtaining clients, building my business while maintaining my family life proved challenging but I believed at that point and share the same sentiments currently: that nothing is impossible to achieve if you believe in yourself and keep the faith! In our business and personal lives, we are bound to reach a cross roads, but our intuition will always guide us to where we ought to be.

Late nights, deadlines, blood, sweat and tears and after all that, I still stand before you and say it was all worth it! Since then, I have increased my client base over the years, I work with nothing short of amazing minds in business. I am eternally grateful for my clients who believed in me and gave me an opportunity to create value in their businesses and my staff who are my support system. They continue to inspire me every day as we continue to exchange ideas and learn from each other in business and in life.

I am proud of where I am and what I have achieved thus far, the lessons learned and I am even more excited of where I am going!

My advice to all my fellow fearless women:

Believe in yourself even if others do not. On days when you feel like throwing in the towel, stop, reflect, rest, then pick yourself up and TRY AGAIN!!! Every time you stand up for yourself, unknowingly you stand up for all women! Go get ‘em girl.