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Meet our #SAIPAproud member

Nyaradzai Majange Mavhuli

Nyaradzai Majange Mavhuli

My name is Nyaradzai Majange Mavhuli commonly known as Nyarie. I am a certified Professional Accountant (SA) and have been running my Accounting practice Zerolimits Accounting Services in Germiston Johannesburg, for the past 7 years.

I have been a SAIPA™ member since 2008 when I joined as an articled clerk. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Accounting Degree. I am also a registered Tax Practitioner, Independent Reviewer, Assessor, Business Advisor, Financial Advisor and serve as a committee member of the SAIPA™ East Rand Forum.

Studying for Articles in South Africa wasn’t easy, I had to redo South African Tax and Company law modules in order to be enrolled as a trainee As well as write a professional examination to qualify as a Professional Accountant with SAIPA™ because I have  a foreign degree.

When I undertook the journey to become a certified Professional Accountant (SA), I was already a wife, a mother, studying, doing a logbook, and working fulltime. However, with the right support, I thank God it was possible. I remember that at some point the only time I could sleep was on a taxi going to and from work as I had to utilise the time after work for housework. I also used to study through the night. Success is no accident, it requires smart and hard work, perseverance, and most of all love for what you do. It brings me joy seeing other small businesses grow and the passion in numbers overtakes me.

I have no regrets about choosing the SAIPA™ route to professional accreditation as the support and continuous professional development has been phenomenal. I highly recommend it for any young lady who is considering a career in Accountancy. There are so many opportunities for employment and business.   

The journey from 2012 to this day has been both challenging and fulfilling. I started alone working in the corner of my flat meeting clients only at their offices or coffee shops. I then moved to an actual office, but expenses were overwhelming. I then moved to working from a house with a dedicated office room. Today I have a big office and a team.

Some clients do not believe you can provide a better service or run a successful business as a woman. This is because they lack knowledge that women are passionate, attentive to detail, worthy and capable despite their background, race or location. There is no job or field that women cannot do nowadays.

I have experience discouragement from family and friends in my journey. Some people said that leaving a guaranteed salary and starting your own business was a crazy idea, they said that I was not going to make it in the man’s world. Seven years down the line I am still standing and continue to grow stronger.

Sourcing capital to build the business was also a challenge and I  had to build my company solely using the profits and savings.

 A woman has 24 hours in a day just like any man, however women have more responsibilities. Being a business owner, wife, mother/teacher/nurse/cook to mention a few, really needs a strong person and excellent time management skills.

There is competition and cheap accountants in the marketplace who belong to no regulatory bodies, charge below professional rates and lure clients who are not schooled on the value of a professional consultant but normally regret later.

August month is a reflection on how much women have overcome in both their personal and professional lives, if it were not of the brave women who fought for the betterment of all in 1956, I would not be where I am today. I encourage South African woman of today to continue working hard, fighting for equality and women’s rights. We must mentor young women and encourage them to become the leaders we know they can be. I have been mentored by many people and I am also willing to mentor others.

During this challenging era of the COVID-19 pandemic, I would like to encourage all women in business or aspiring, to be quick to adopt to the new normal,  do more business online, your online presence is  as strong as your physical presence.  Also, cut down unnecessary costs, leverage on networks, invest in the kind of education that goes beyond individual, and extends to benefit  society as a whole.

Let’s support each other and remember there is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise!  

You strike a woman you strike a rock!