Meet our #SAIPAproud member

Nqobani Mzizi

Nqobani Mzizi

Nqobani is an innovative and dynamic individual who uses his skill-set and abilities across different milieu, as he maintains a high level of personal integrity, tenacity, and commitment to everything upon which he dedicates his time and mind.

A civil servant by profession, Mr Mzizi is an office-holder at a local government level; wherein he possesses a great deal of experience in the areas of accounting, financial management, taxation, auditing, governance, risk management, organisational performance and general management.

He is an advocate for good governance and ethical leadership, and he encourages accountability for those charged with the role of stewardship and leadership, including himself.

As an established #SAIPAproud member, he lends his valuable skills and abilities in the following portfolios and entities respectively:

  • Chairperson: Finance Committee – KZN Amafa Heritage and Research Institute
  • Member: Audit and Risk Committee – KZN Amafa Heritage and Research Institute
  • Council/Board Member – KZN Amafa Heritage and Research Institute
  • Advisory Board Member – 3E Group (a diversified company with varied interests in the mining industry)
  • Chairperson: Board of Trustees – Chelsea Mews Body Corporate
  • Vice Chairperson – SAIPA Johannesburg District Committee
  • Member – SAIPA Northern Region Committee


Moreover, Mr. Mzizi expends himself by imparting his knowledge and expertise on accounting, tax, finance and financial literacy, risk management, strategy and governance through facilitating and teaching at several training institutions. This is a true “labour of love” that he finds exceedingly fulfilling as the development of people to reach their potential through continuous learning is something very close to his heart.

Having qualified as a Professional Accountant (SA) through the FASSET funded Project Achiever in 2016; he has now come full circle and considers it both an honour and a privilege to become a Marker and Assistant Facilitator in 2020 on the same project that catapulted him to qualify as a Professional Accountant (SA); thus creating the space for him to work with individuals with great potential, while they are still nascent in the field of Accounting.

Mr. Mzizi considers himself a lifelong student. Having obtained a Bachelor of Accounting Sciences (BCompt) degree from UNISA and the Professional Accountant (SA) designation from SAIPA, he went on to pursue a Post-Graduate Diploma in Taxation and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from UNISA and Regenesys Business School respectively.

He is also a qualified Financial Journalist with a qualification from Rhodes University that was funded by Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa. This is an opportunity that was afforded to him after being selected as one of 130 recipients from a total of over 800 applications from all over the African continent. His media experience was garnered at Africa Business Radio where he not only served as the Finance Director but was also a Radio Show Presenter covering current affairs, financial markets, economic data, and politics between 2015 and 2019.

His personal motto is “Delay is not denial, and what is meant to be will be”, as he strives to explore all of his gifts and talents and to live a purposeful life of servant leadership.