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Happy Mohlala

Happy Mohlala

I chose a career in Accounting mostly because I enjoyed it in high school. I thought I would love sitting behind a computer just balancing numbers, little did I know that a career in Accounting is very versatile. I have been involved in a host of different areas ranging from strategising, reporting writing to presenting. It is this versatility that made me fall in love with the Profession.

I have always been inspired to own an Accounting firm since my 1st year in university. I was particularly intrigued by the stories behind companies, (how they were started, what they did, their visions and missions) which I read about in my standard Accounting textbooks.  After being exposed to Enterprise Development and excelling in this area, I then decided it was time to embark on my own entrepreneurship journey at age 26. It has been a roller-coaster of an experience that I would not trade for anything.

Today I am a wife, sister to 5 siblings and mother of 2 kids, aged 8 and 2, as well as the Director of Sadi Holdings which was registered in 2013. Sadi Holdings service offerings range from Accounting, Tax to Advisory services. In 2019 I founded Africa Business School Foundation Phase (NPC) where I integrate my passion for children and entrepreneurship by teaching children entrepreneurship and financial literacy. My purpose is to ignite the business seed that lies within children and the youth of Africa.

I have also worked in corporate servicing different clients in the public and private sector, before moving to my own company.  It is where I gained most of my experience in Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation and Forensic (Document Examination, Forensic Audit, Fraud Investigations and Cyber Forensic). I have to date been in business for 7 years, assisting SME’s with Accounting, Tax and Business Advisory services.

As a successful business woman, my advice is that if you want to go far in business, collaborate with likeminded individuals who are on the same journey as you as well as those who envision a better future for you. In addition, your vision should strive for objectives beyond you and be inclusive of those around you as well as the South African community.

Balancing my career and family is all possible with the support and love I receive from family and friends, especially my husband.  I embrace both the support as well as the critique (even the kind that makes me cry at times) and take it all in my stride. I also embrace the wins, the laughter, and good times, as these combined are all the factors that inspire me to strive to reach greater heights daily and make everything possible.