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COVID-19 SAIPA Updates

COVID-19 Regulations for Attendance at Funerals

06 April 2020

COVID-19 Regulations for Attendance at Funerals
  • The following persons are permitted to move between metropolitan or district areas, or provinces in order to attend funerals:
    • The spouse, partner, child or child-in-law of the deceased;
    • Parents or siblings of the deceased;
    • Grandparents of the deceased; or
    • A person closely affiliated with the deceased being either a person with parental responsibilities in respect of the deceased or a person who has developed a significant relationship with the deceased.
  • The size of the funeral is limited to 50 people.
  • Each person attending and traveling to a funeral must obtain a permit that corresponds to form contained in the Regulations issued by the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs which has been issued by a Magistrate or police station commander.
  • On requesting the abovementioned permit, the requestor must produce a death certificate or certified copy thereof. In the event that the death certificate is not yet available to the requestor, the requestor must provide a sworn affidavit in accordance with the form contained in the Regulations.
  • Travelling and attendance at funerals may not exceed 48 hours, and travelling persons are not permitted to stay at the residence of a friend or relative but may stay at a hotel, lodge or guest house for a period of 48 hours on presentation of the permit to the establishment in question.
  • Only 2 family members or a person with a close affiliation to the deceased may, with the required permits, accompany the vehicle transporting the mortal remains to the metropolitan or district area, or province where the burial or cremation will take place.