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our women this Women's month

Celebrating our women

this Women’s month

Dear Members,

As we approach August, we want to celebrate our women. South Africa has an exceptional history and it is our women who have played a vital role in shaping the future and the societies we now find ourselves in. Their strength was showcased to the world in August 1956 when 20,000 marched to the Union Buildings in protest of Apartheid laws forcing black people to carry a “pass”.

South Africa has been celebrating women during the month of August since 1994. It serves as a reminder of the tough and tenacious, gracious and passionate, formidable and above all courageous women who have continued to shape our future.

We currently find ourselves in an economic and health crisis that requires us to remain courageous and strong. If ever there was a year where people needed encouragement and inspiration, it is 2020.

Women in the accountancy profession have been setting the example by breaking glass ceilings and forging ahead to make South Africa a better and more equal place for all. We invite you to share your story with us – to inspire, to encourage and to uplift fellow-women in the profession, and those who are considering a career in accountancy.

We will be showcasing your story on our website, social media platforms as well as our newsletters during August.

Details for submitting your story:

  • Submissions must be made to SAIPA for selection and editing;
  • Stories should not be longer than 500 words;
  • Submissions should be accompanied by a high resolution profile picture;
  • Submission should be sent to Rochelle Bates at SAIPA:
Kind regards,