Saipa Western Districts’

Your Value = Your Wealth Conference

Don’t miss SAIPA Western Districts’ exciting conference, entitled Your Value = Your Wealth.

In this valuable session, you’ll learn to navigate change in order to secure value for yourself, your company and your clients.


Hein Pretorius

Move your accounting practice to the cloud

Hein obtained a BCom Accounting at North-West University (NWU) and proceeded to serve a 3-year training contract in Potchefstroom. He registered as Professional Accountant (SA) with SAIPA in 1993 and in the same year started his own accounting and tax services practice (Hein Pretorius Rekenmeesters); at which he proudly still practices. He is also a registered Tax Practitioner (SA) with SAIPA.

Basil O’Hagan

Putting the customer at the heart of your accounting firm/business in 2023

With more than 4 decades of experience, Basil O’Hagan is one of South Africa’s leading marketing and customer service authorities. He has worked in the corporate sector, as an entrepreneur and as CEO of a listed company. He has been a franchisor and a franchisee.

Today he applies that experience in various parts of business, from small and medium-sized enterprises, to corporates, as a neighbourhood marketing and customer service specialist. His services include client customisation of neighbourhood marketing and customer service, keynote presentations and workshops. eLearning modules are also offered on Neighbourhood Marketing and Superstar Customer service.

All the insights Basil shares with his clients as a marketing consultant are contained in his book of indispensable, “415 Action-Packed Neighbourhood Marketing Tips”.

His book, “World Class Customer Service for South Africa”, contains 175 awesome customer service tips, specifically for the South African market.
Basil is a survivor, and coupled with a streetwise, “hands-on, in-the-trenches” approach gives him exceptional credibility as one of the most well-respected and sought-after neighborhood marketing and customer service specialists in South Africa.

Nathan-Ross Adams

Legal implications of cloud computing and AI

Nathan-Ross is part of a dynamic team of 4IR lawyers at the pan-African ICT law firm, Michalsons. Daily, he helps multi-national organisations develop and deploy trustworthy AI and ICT. He specialises in commercial IT transactions, data protection, information security, access to information and cybercrime law.

His clients represent a range of data, technology, and advertising companies and African governments, software, hardware, robotics, biotech, pharmaceuticals, telecoms, and energy clients.
Currently, he’s reading for a Doctor of Laws degree at the UJ. His thesis topic is “Why and how to regulate artificial intelligence in South Africa to promote sustainable development”. He also guest lectures regularly on AI, data, and the law at UJ, UCT, and the University of Tokyo.

His writing has been posted and referenced by major African news publications, where authors have described his writing and research skills as “clear, accessible, excellent, and relevant”. He’s also written on data law for international books, like “90 Legal Responses to COVID-19 Around the World”.

Beyond his writing, he’s also been a panellist with South Africa’s Information Regulator. He has also spoken and presented at multiple African and Global conferences on AI and the law, including AI Expo Africa, Africa Tech Fest, Legal Tech and Innovation Fest, and WIPO’s Conference on Frontier Technologies.

Jashwin Baijoo

Working together for a larger piece of the pie

Jashwin Baijoo is the Head of Strategic Engagement and Compliance.

He holds both an LLB, and LLM degree, specialising in International Tax and Business Law. Jashwin has 5 years of legal experience in various aspects of South African and international law.

He is an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa with both practical litigation and consulting experience. He has worked in law firms focusing on dealing with litigation and commercial disputes.

Jashwin moved from the pure practice of law to the consulting industry and has entrenched himself within tax law, specifically dealing with the elements of cross-border taxation, corporate incorporations and compliance, and international regulatory applications. He is a Professional Tax Specialist (SA) and serves on the SAIPA Tax Committee.



CPD Allocations

Structured Category
and Time

Taking an accounting practice into the Cloud Technology 1 hour
Putting the Customer at the Heart of Your
Firm/Business in 2023
Other 2 hours
SAIPA Digi-Kit Other 30 minutes
Legal Implications of cloud computing and AI Technology 1 hour
Working Together for a Larger Piece of the Pie Tax 1 hour

Taking an Accounting Practice into the Cloud

Hein Pretorius – Professional Accountant (SA)

  • The Need for Change.
  • Benefits – Desktop vs Cloud.
  • How to Get Started.
  • Selecting and integrating Software Vendors.
  • Practical demonstration of Cloud software in a Practice.

Putting the Customer at the Heart of Your Accounting Firm/Business in 2023

Basil O’Hagan (SA)

The Butterfly Customer

  • Fundamentals of Customer Service.
  • Get Organised – Plan Your Customer Service Approach.
  • Build a Winning Culture.
  • From the First Impression to the Last.
  • Leadership Training and Customer Service.
  • Feedback, Complaints and Recovery.
  • Trust + Relationship = Brand Loyalty.
  • Customer Loyalty the Ultimate Goal.

Unleash the Power of Digital Transformation with Saipa’s Digi-Kit!

Thomas Nyamvura – SAIPA Digital and Technology Officer

  • In a fast-evolving digital landscape, staying ahead requires adopting the right tools. SAIPA’s Digi-Kit is your comprehensive solution, offering an array of services including high-speed internet access, network hardware, advanced telephony solutions, productivity tools, cybersecurity measures, and more.
  • In our session, we will take a deep dive into how these tools can streamline your workflows, enhance efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and provide a competitive advantage. Plus, we’ll guide you on how to access these offerings through our user-friendly Digital Hub and how to take up services tailored to your specific needs.
  • And there’s more! SAIPA is offering to cover the first month’s subscription for any subscription-based solutions within the Digi-Kit.
  • Stay tuned for our detailed walkthrough and ensure your practice’s long-term success. Let’s embrace digital transformation together with SAIPA’s Digi-Kit!

Working Together for a Larger Piece of the Pie

Jashwin Baijoo – Tax Consulting South Africa

  • Upskilling Tax Practitioners on Compliance.
  • Cross-Selling of “Value-Add” Services.
  • Navigating SARS’ modernised processes.
  • Using Tech Upgrades to Make Your Life Easier.

Putting the Customer at the Heart of Your Accounting Firm/Business in 2023

Nathan-Ross Adams – Michalsons Giles Inc (SA)

  • Increased understanding of the legal and reputation risks associated with cloud services and AI: Including risks related to data protection, privacy, security, and intellectual property.
  • Awareness of relevant laws and regulations: Provide an overview of applicable laws and regulations that govern cloud services and AI technologies. This includes POPIA, PAIA and the Cybercrimes Act.
  • Understanding of risk management strategies: Guidance on risk management strategies that can help the audience to minimise risks. This includes risk assessment, risk mitigation, and risk transfer strategies.
  • Practical guidance on best practices: Practical guidance on best practices for managing the risks associated with cloud services and AI. This includes guidance on data governance, vendor management, incident response, and compliance.
  • Increased awareness of emerging trends: Insights into emerging trends in cloud services and AI, including new technologies, regulations, and best practices. This will help the audience stay ahead of the curve and proactively manage the risks associated with these technologies.

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