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SAIPA Notification: 29 April 2020
Update on Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) website
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We are aware of some members frustration with the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) website over the last few days. Following a discussion with the UIF Commissioner we understand that a file, containing a list of all the employers whose claims have been processed and payments have been made, have caused the system to crash.

Our understanding is that everyone who has submitted claims on behalf of their employees in terms of the Temporary Employer/Employee Relief Scheme (TERS) wanted to download the file to determine whether their company appeared on the list. The file has subsequently been removed and it is our sincere hope and expectation that the system will again recover to acceptable levels for employers to continue submitting their claims.
No submission deadline

We have also been inundated by members asking SAIPA to request for an extension of the deadline to submit their April payroll claims.

There is, in fact, no deadline. We have confirmed with the UIF commissioner that employers can continue with their April claim, even if it is only submitted in May.

It will still be paid as per the April claim, if all the information is correct, and will not impact the May payment. Employers can continue claiming for the CD-19 TERS UIF benefits until the lockdown restrictions are lifted, or the impact of the Covid-19 disease on businesses’ ability to pay salaries is lessened.

If we assume that the employer cannot pay workers for three months (April to June) and they claim for all three months, the claims will be processed and paid for the period the employer was not able to make payments.
Complicated formula

SAIPA is also aware that some of our members are also struggling to understand the formula used by the UIF to calculate the benefits employees will receive in terms of the sliding scale (payments vary between 38% and 60% of their salary).

We are still looking into the reasons for the anomalies we have picked up.

We ask our members to be patient with this system. They do have time to submit their claims even beyond the month-end of the period they are claiming for. We recommend they ensure the employee information that is submitted is correct and they are registered under the employer’s UIF code to get their benefits paid out.
Kind regards,
Faith Ngwenya
SAIPA Technical & Standards Executive
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