A strong history of professional accounting

For almost 4 decades, SAIPA has played an increasingly strong leadership role in develop the profession both locally and internationally. Our prestigious organisation is steeped in the values of excellence, professionalism and integrity, boasting the experience, dedication and commitment required to evolve the profession and continuously improve the services we offer to our members.

International standards & a strict code of ethics

SAIPA is a full voting member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), requiring us to comply with international standards of ethics and conduct. All our members are required to adhere to our Code of Ethics, raising the level of professionalism and quality of service rendered to the public, while enhancing the credibility of the profession.

The Centre of Future Excellence

One of SAIPA’s main aims is to help its members identify the trends that will shape the profession in the future, instilling in them the skills required to navigate the uncertain waters of change.

Our Centre of Future Excellence takes an innovative approach to preparing for the future. Recognising both those trends we can identify, and the general unpredictability of the future, the CoFE drives and fosters essential skills that will allow our members to adapt and thrive in the future to come – whatever it may bring.

The Centre of Business Advisory

The growth and sustainability of a business often necessitates the services of a qualified and competent business advisor to support the organisation’s success. SAIPA established the Centre of Business Advisory to offer affiliate memberships to non-accountants, enlisting them in our effort to ensure the survival of small business, and the growth of the South African economy.