Webinar Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions form part of and are inclusive of all other agreements concluded between members and SAIPA regardless of membership type.
  2. All webinars are conducted by SAIPA solely in terms of these terms and conditions and in this regard no contrary declarations, undertakings, or agreements, whether oral or in writing, and regardless of whether same is made by an employee, agent or representative of SAIPA, shall be of any force and effect especially in circumstances where such declaration, undertaking or agreement is contrary to any provision contained in these Terms and Conditions.
  3. Members seeking to attend webinars are required to register for their desired webinar on the MySAIPA online platform. Upon registration for the desired webinar, members shall be invoiced for such webinar except in circumstances where the webinar in question is offered free of charge or in circumstances where the particular member is an annual subscriber.
  4. All amounts invoiced in respect of webinars are due and payable immediately upon issuance of such invoice. Members are required to pay for webinars through any one of the various payment methods provided on the MySAIPA platform.
  5. Registration to attend webinars will only be completed and attendance permitted at such webinar upon receipt of payment for such webinar.
  6. Should a member have completed the registration process to attend a webinar and should such member seek to cancel such registration, the member in question will be required to cancelled his/her registration to attend such webinar on the MySAIPA platform within 72 hours before the date and time on which the webinar was scheduled to commence. Should a member fail to cancel his/her registration within the aforesaid 72 hour period, such member will remain liable for the full cost of the webinar in question and the recording thereof will be made available to the member who shall further be required to complete the assessment in respect thereof.
  7. Where a member cancels his/her registration within the abovementioned 72 hour period, the cost of the cancelled webinar will be credited to that member’s MySAIPA account.
  8. In the case of webinars offered free of charge, should a member seek to cancel their registration in respect thereof, that member will be required to cancel his/her registration for such webinar within 72 hours before the date and time on which the webinar was scheduled to commence, failing which the member will become liable for and agrees to pay the amount equal to the cost charged by SAIPA in respect of webinars from time to time. In addition thereto, should a member fail to attend a free webinar for which he/she has registered, such member will become liable for and agrees to pay the amount equal to the cost charged by SAIPA in respect of webinars from time to time.
  9. The terms and conditions relating to the cancelation of free webinars and the consequences in respect thereof will apply mutatis mutandis to annual subscribers.
  10. Subject to the provisions of clauses 6, 8 and 9 above, the recording of all webinars will supplied to the attendees thereof after the completion of the webinar.
  11. In the event of a webinar being unable to commence on the date and/or at the time at which the webinar was scheduled to commence due to circumstances beyond the control of SAIPA, then such webinar shall be re-advertised and rescheduled to a date and time at which the webinar will be capable of proceeding on. It will however remain each members’ own responsibility to ensure that they are re-registered for the webinar on the rescheduled date on the MySAIPA platform.
  12. Any views, opinions or thoughts expressed by the presenter of any webinar, regardless of whether the presenter is an employee or representative of SAIPA, remain views, opinions or thoughts of the presenter in question in their personal capacity and are in no way and should not be construed as the views, opinions or thoughts of SAIPA.
  13. The content of all materials contained and presented in webinars (in particular, course and continuing education materials, offers, reports, analyses, expert opinions, organisational plans, programmes, performance reports, drafts, calculations, drawings, data carriers, etc.) is and remains the sole intellectual property of SIAPA or the presenter in question. The duplication and distribution of such materials is only permissible upon the prior express and written authorisation of SAIPA. In the case of a violation of these stipulations, the member and/or webinar attendee shall pay to SAIPA a royalty which shall be determined by SAIPA in its sole discretion. SAIPA further expressly reserves the right to claim further damages that may arise as a consequence hereof.