Bespoke Tax Debt Relief solutions for both SAIPA members, and their clients

from Tax Consulting South Africa

Outstanding Tax Debt Owed to SARS

Finding yourself in a debt situation with the revenue authority can be draining, both financially, and mentally, however, for SAIPA members, this kind of non-compliance can have an adverse impact on your business as a whole.

As a high-profile financial professional, trusted business advisor and ethical operator, you are expected to keep a clean track record in your own life and business, whilst assisting your clientele to do the same.

Tax Consulting SA’s Tax Debt Relief Solutions, are a comprehensive offering that helps you preserve your standing in the Profession, the community and the market at large.

As your legal representative, well-versed in the workings of tax debt, we:

  • Deal effectively with SARS and its debt collectors on your behalf
  • Help you protect your hard earned wealth from attachment, and / or seizure by the sheriff
  • Provide you with bespoke tax debt relief solutions, tailored to your specific circumstances
  • Give you the greatest chance of success in applying for and being granted tax debt relief, through our years of experience, and long-standing relationship with the revenue authority
  • Clear your name, and most importantly, ensure your compliance

TCSA Tax Debt Relief Solutions

With our team of attorneys handling your SARS dealings, you are given room to breathe, managing your own clients, whilst being able to objectively view your non-compliance, with a clear head.

From this standpoint, we will review your finances, and advise on the most amicable, yet affordable solution, remaining at your disposal for further consultations and queries, off the back of which, we will apply for either a compromise or a deferral:

  • A compromise is a request that SARS recognises your inability to settle the total debt and agrees to provide a discounted settlement amount, which is within the realms of your affordability. Upon conclusion of this process, you will be recorded as tax compliant.
  • A deferral is an equitable agreement between yourself, and SARS, that you be permitted to settle your total tax debt by virtue of monthly instalments to the revenue authority, during which process, you will be recorded as tax compliant.

In both of the above avenues, we will compile a robust, and well-reasoned legal application to SARS, providing the much-needed substantiating information, to maximise your chances of success. We will also liaise with SARS on your behalf, managing the full end to end process, allowing you to focus on your business, and life.

Knowing your tax debt is being paid off and the stress of owing SARS is over is the greatest relief you can have.

For your business

Tax Consulting SA’s Tax Debt Relief Solutions mean you can promptly deal with a matter that could tarnish your professional image.

As a Professional Accountant (SA), Professional Tax Specialist (SA), Professional Tax Practitioner (SA) or holder of any other SAIPA designation, your reputation is your most important asset.

Swiftly resolving your tax debt honours your personal and corporate integrity as well as the embodies the spirit of SAIPA.

Resolving your SARS non-compliance is not only the smart thing to do, financially, but also the most ethical, respecting the Profession, SAIPA and the public interest.

For your clients

Tax Consulting SA’s Tax Debt Relief Solution offers an excellent value-add, to your own portfolio of services, enabling you to assist existing clients and attract new business prospects.

You’ll afford them direct access to the very best legal services, advice and guidance, strengthening your own brand in the process.

We’ll show them the easiest way to overcome the stress of dealing with SARS and settle their tax debt in the most affordable manner. And they’ll thank YOU for it.

Get relief now

Tax Consulting SA’s Tax Debt Relief Solution service helps bring immediate relief to your SARS tax debt headaches, providing you with expert support needed to once more attain peace of mind, and financial freedom, without debt hanging over you.

Contact us today for assistance with your SARS tax debt. Your professional reputation and business standing are worth it.

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