The Brand

A brand is more than what it owns. It may be described as the value a company represents, excluding its assets.

A brand can also be described as the reputation or the personality of an organization. On the simplest level, the SAIPA brand identity distinguishes itself from its peers.

The SAIPA values are expressed in the visual language that we use in all of our environments and communications. The logo is our face or our badge. It represents our personality and it’s not authentic unless it is correct. The SAIPA brand needs to present these values in a consistent visual fashion. This consistency of brand presentation is critical to the organisation’s ability to take a ‘top of mind’ position amongst its diverse constituency.

It becomes the responsibility of everyone in the organisation, plus those employed as external consultants, to understand, manage, protect and grow the SAIPA brand. Consistent communications are central to expressing
what the SAIPA brand stands for and how the brand is defi ned. Ultimately, a brand that communicates a consistent message and identity is able to control the market’s overall impression of itself.

Consistent Communications:

  • create an overall picture of the brand for all (internal & external) stakeholders
  • offer a concise map to understanding the key features of the brand
  • ensure that key messages have substance
  • are able to increase general awareness and positive brand association

This document contains the SAIPA brand ‘rules of engagement’, including:

  • guidelines for official colours, typefaces, the logo and the applications thereof
  • official corporate identity templates for electronic use official corporate identity templates for print use.
  • Promotional apparel and items

Via this corporate identity (CI) brand guideline, SAIPA aims to manage and regulate the implementation of the various parts of the SAIPA brand, thereby ensuring the consistent and correct portrayal of its corporate image.

  • The Logo
  • The structure of the Horizontal corporate logo
  • The structure of the Vertical corporate logo
  • Corporate Colour Scheme
  • Logo Download