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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions
1.All membership fees are due and payable on or before close of business on 31 January each year.

2.Any outstanding amounts, membership or otherwise, will accrue penalties of 2% per month on the outstanding balance.

3.Should membership fees still be outstanding by 31 March, such membership will be summarily suspended. Should payment still be outstanding at 30 June, the strike-off procedure will be initiated and the member immediately relinquishes his/her right to act as an accredited Professional Accountant (S.A).

4.The suspended account will be handed over to our attorneys for collection and the member will be liable for all costs associated with the collection of the amounts including interest thereon.

5.The names of such defaulting members will be removed from the SAIPA register, supplied to SARS and CIPC to update their respective records, and may be published in all the Institute’s publications including mainstream media (if and when required).

6.Should you wish to terminate your membership, proper notification to Membership at SAIPA (email to must be furnished in writing by 1 December in the previous membership year together with proof of payment of all fees due to the institute. Membership fees are payable for the full year and no pro-rata adjustments will be made. Resignations submitted after the cut-off period will only take effect the year after, meaning that the full year’s membership fees will be due and payable. Failure to properly inform Membership at SAIPA will result in unnecessary charges being incurred so please be sure to submit resignation in writing prior to the cut-off date.