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Student Newsletter Issue 3

This newsletter has been developed to keep you informed of changes to processes of assessment, legislative changes, activities of the Institute and general awareness around your learnership.
National Diploma as a Qualification
In 2004 the SAIPA Council, decided that the minimum academic requirement for SAIPA membership would no longer be a National Diploma, but would in future be a commercial B Degree (B. Com, B Compt or B. Tech) that includes the subjects/courses required by the Institute.

As a consequence the requirement of a National Diploma is being phased out, and as of 2011 only candidates with a commercial B degree will be considered for membership. Persons with a National Diploma or those studying to obtain a National Diploma will need to obtain a B Tech/ Bcom degree whilst completing their Learnership. No person will be allowed to sit for the Professional Evaluation Examination without completing a B. Tech / Bcom degree.

SAIPA Accredited Universities
SAIPA is currently in the process of accrediting university degrees that are in line with our curriculum.

Learners from the following accredited universities with a completed degree would by virtue of this accreditation have achieved the academic requirement for membership with the South African Institute of Professional Accountants.

Name of University
Name of Degrees
University of the Witwatersrand
BCom Accounting
University of Fort Hare
BCom General Accounting
University of the Western Cape
BCom Accounting
North- West University
BCom Financial Accounting
University of Pretoria
BCom Financial Management Sciences
(students will have to take Auditing or Internal Auditing as an elective course)
Bcom Internal Auditing
Bcom Taxation
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
BCom Accounting for Chartered Accountants
BCom General Accounting
BCom (Rationum): Computer Sciences and Information Systems
BCom (Rationum) : Economics/Business Management
BCom (Rationum) : Law
What does this mean:

Once the accreditation process has been finalized, learners from the accredited universities would be permitted entrance into membership or register on a learnership.

More information will be available on the SAIPA website once this process has been finalized.

Learnership Roadmap


Kindly note that your Learnership is deemed as complete if you have satisfied both the academic and practical requirements as stated above.

This is how the SAIPA Learnership has been registered with FASSET and the SAQA, click on the link below for more information.