Request for Appointment Booking Procedure

27 March 2020

Dear Members,

Whilst it is clear:

  • that the deadlines for the submission of tax returns have not been extended, and
  • SARS is adamant that taxpayers and tax practitioners must use the available electronic channels to submit tax returns;

There could be exceptional circumstances during the lockdown period where a visit to a SARS branch becomes necessary. Those circumstance are defined as:

  • when any of the legitimate electronic channels are not able to deal with a taxpayer’s specific issue or;
  • if the taxpayer (or tax practitioner) still wants to consult a SARS agent or;
  • where the taxpayer/tax practitioner has received a notice urging them to visit  a SARS branch.

Under the abovementioned  circumstances you are required to book an appointment. Elaborate details are available on the SARS website.

To make a booking click on the link below:

NB: Please ensure that your computer has the appropriate software to deal with tax matters.

See the link below for SARS compatible system requirements:

SAIPA will be in touch with any further updates as and when they become available.

Kind regards,