SAIPA Entrepreneurship Report

Dear Sir / Madam

Small businesses and the entrepreneurs behind them make an important contribution to our country. The promotion of SMEs and entrepreneurship is therefore vital for economic growth and job creation. For this reason, SAIPA has embarked on research on entrepreneurship in South Africa and is proud to present the results of this research in the form of its first SAIPA Entrepreneurship Report.

In 2013, we conducted extensive research on entrepreneurship which included interviews with important stakeholders in the SME and entrepreneurship sphere as well as a survey on the climate for entrepreneurship among our members. Your input and insights allowed us to get a full 360 degree view on entrepreneurship that uncovered the challenges and problems that entrepreneurs face.

Entrepreneurs and SMEs need an enabling environment to prosper and grow. The ultimate goal of the SAIPA Entrepreneurship Report was therefore to come up with practical recommendations on how to foster entrepreneurship and small businesses in South Africa.

We would like to thank you for the valuable input that you provided us and are pleased to share the final report with you.

Kind regards,

Shahied Daniels
Chief Executive

Download the PDF here!