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SAIPA Critical Skills Confirmation Letter Request

SAIPA assists its members with critical skills letters. The South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) reserves the right to refuse the issuance of a critical skills letter.

An official critical skills letter, reflecting your details and SAIPA number, will be issued directly from SAIPA to the applicant requesting it (provided proof of payment and the correct supporting documentation has been received).

The turnaround time to receive such a letter is 30-45 working days. It should also be noted that there are no shortcuts/fast-track options available or any other way to obtain a valid letter except through SAIPA directly and by following the process and timelines noted herein. Applicants are to ensure that they comply with the SAIPA Code of Ethics and understand their liabilities and obligations as a SAIPA member.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can request this letter?

This letter can only be requested from SAIPA by members who are in Good Standing in the following categories: Forensic Accountants, Corporate Treasurers, and Tax Professionals. You need to be registered as a Tax Practitioner according to the Department of Home Affairs. This was issued from the Department of Home Affairs Immigration Act 2002, Government Gazette No 23341727 dated 2nd August 2022. This is to meet the Critical Skills occupational category of taxation. (Requirements may change in accordance with the Department of Home Affairs Gazette).

What is the process?

To request this letter, please log a request and pay the Non-refundable fees (including VAT):

A non-refundable fee of R2,400 excluding VAT is charged, and payment should be uploaded on your MySAIPA profile.

How long does it take to obtain the letter?

  • A Critical Skills Letter takes approximately 30-45 working days to process from the date that all supporting documentation and proof of payment have been received and are deemed in order. This time frame is a guideline only and is dependent on the volume of requests received.
  • The letter will only be issued once payment and all supporting documentation have been received.
  • All supporting documentation needs to be uploaded on your MySAIPA profile. Your request for this letter may be further delayed if documentation is sent in more than one email correspondence or if invalid supporting documentation is received on the system.

What documentation must I submit to receive the letter?

  1. Proof of payment using SAIPA membership number stated on the invoice.
  2. Certified Copy of Passport (certified stamp not older than 3 months)
  3. Proof of Employment – a signed letter from your employer stating your position, date of employment commencement, and dated not older than 2 months from the date of issue.
  4. Written confirmation that employer/s will cover the costs if immigration is imposed.
  5. Certified copies of Tertiary Qualifications (certified stamp not older than 3 months)
  6. Certified copy of evaluation of qualifications by SAQA
  7. Detailed Curriculum Vitae with traceable references, clearly stipulating experience.

The CV should include:

    • All previous positions held, with the start and finish dates for these positions listed clearly.
    • Start date of the current position.
    • Full detailed list of duties and responsibilities under each of the previous positions and your current position.
    • Include telephone numbers and emails for your references within your CV.

    Note: Further supporting information/documentation may be requested if required.

    Should you require any assistance, please contact