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SAIPA Accounting & Maths Olympiad 2022


Grade 11 learners write TWO online assessments per subject

Grade 12 learners submit two assessments based on 1 case study

2021 Winners


SAIPA has introduced the National Accounting and Maths Olympiad (NAMO) to replace its previous National Accounting Olympiad. Apart from adding a mathematics component to the competition, the new format has been designed to produce outcomes aligned with the Institute’s vision of Future-Ready Accountants beyond the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


About the new format

Unlike previous years, from 2021 the competition will be held in a case study format where learners submit their business solutions to industry experts.

The typical technical duties of professional accountants will be increasingly automated using AI, software robots and other technologies. This will free them from mundane financial administration, allowing them to add greater value to their organisations as strategic business advisors.

Future-ready professional accountants will be expected by their organisations and clients to turn AI predictions and corporate data into profitable business initiatives. This will require them to develop advanced business, technology and communication skills that, through the new Olympiad, SAIPA is promoting into schools right now.


Who should register to participate?

Grade 11 & Grade 12 learners who have chosen maths and accounting as school subjects.

How does it work?

Grade 11 learners

  • Will write an online assessment followed by a final assessment with a twist, where they will be given the answers per subject.
  • They will be judged on the use of their syllabi knowledge, analytical and critical skills to determine the correct answer.

Grade 12 learners

The entire project is open-ended, leaving entrants to formulate their own approach to researching information, solving problems and reaching their objectives.

  • Will receive a case study that should be used to develop business ideas and solutions.
  • The case study approach will incorporate the principles of accounting and maths in a business context.
  • There will be two consecutive submissions in total, each building on from the last.
  • The first submission will be due at the end of July and the second, end of September.
  • Develop their business skills but also develop their Academic skills for further studies.

Grade 12 learners can register to participate individually OR in a group of up to FIVE team members.

What happens after the last submission or exams

  • After reviewing and assessing the grade 11 assessments and both submissions from grade 12 contestants, learners or teams will be shortlisted.
  • Grade 12 contestants’ final challenge will be to present before a panel of judges.
  • The session will focus on their ability to research, conceptualise and communicate their assumptions based on the case study challenge.
  • This will include how they applied both their accounting and maths skills when developing the proposal, financial statements, a basic business plan and other reports.
  • Team members may also be asked to evaluate each other’s contributions and performance while lone competitors will evaluate themselves.
  • Learners are awarded based on highest average score.

Selected members of the accounting, business and academic communities will be invited to preside as Olympiad judges.

Winners will win amazing cash prizes and more from sponsors and will be announced during a prestigious awards ceremony at SAIPA’s Accounting iNdaba in November 2022.


  • Visit Learner Registration (
  • Enter as an individual or ask your teacher to register you as a group
  • The registration fee is R75 per learner and R200 per group of up to five learners (applicable to Grade 12 learners).
  • Schools may enter as many learners as they wish.


Contact us

If you have any queries, please contact Zinhle Mdhlalose at or WhatsApp
072 459 7573.