The New Tax legislation


The New Tax legislation

Dear SAIPA members

The `epoch making’ Tax Administration Bill has finally been promulgated on Wed 4 July 2012, and is now known as the `Tax Administration Act’. This Act will steer the tax practice in a very different direction, and will dramatically affect the way in which SAIPA members (tax practitioners) engage   with their clients (taxpayers).

SAIPA members and their clients are compelled to comply and become acquainted with this `mind-boggling’ newly legislated tax Act.

SAIPA will assist its Members in becoming aware of the contents and implications of this new Tax Act and make suggestions on how to apply the Act in order to save your clients (taxpayers) time and money. In depth understanding of the Act will assist you in effectively conducting your tax services to your clients. Appropriate application of this Act will be indispensable and you are encouraged to stay in touch with your preferred professional body in order to ensure that tax practitioners will be fully acquainted with the necessary details for an easy transition to a new tax landscape. A copy of the new Tax Act is also attached for your quick and easy reference.

Best Regards