National Accounting Olympiad 2019

Entries are closed and the exam were written on 29 July!

Entries for the popular National Accounting Olympiad (NAO) 2019 competition, run by the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA), are closed.

The aim of the SAIPA NAO is to make Accounting as a subject a preferred choice to all learners and to promote the option of professional accountancy as a sound choice for further study, and the pathway towards a financially and personally rewarding entry into employment.

The Olympiad is open to Grade 11 and Grade 12 accounting learners taking Accounting as a school subject, and who wish to follow a BCom degree as further study.

There is no limit on the number of entries per school and a registration fee of R50 per learner applies. The entry fee may be waived for non-fee schools.

Early career boost

An added benefit is that the NAO also provides learners with a foot in the door with future employers, which is why SAIPA invests substantially in it.

This year, the NAO will be written in one round on 29 July 2019 at the learners’ respective schools. The country’s top provincial and national winners will then be announced at the SAIPA Top Achievers Awards later in the year.

Last year’s NAO was a great success with over 6 800 pupils participating from around the country, and excelling on many levels. The competition generated provincial and national winners who were honoured at a formal Gala Awards evening in Johannesburg. We always endeavour to keep track of the winners’ progress throughout their tertiary education to ensure that our intervention is continuous and sustainable and not just a once-off event.

For enquiries regarding 2019 entries, please email Gugu at

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