Kickstart 2020 with an insightful

and interactive seminar on Performance Management

Brought to you by SAIPA in proud collaboration with FASSET

 If you want to gain valuable insight on how to meet organisation operational and strategic objectives and goals by effectively utilising all organisational resources, you need to attend SAIPA’s seminar on Performance Management.

The Performance Management seminar will provide insight into:

  • Changing perspective of performance management
  • Principles of performance management
  • The value of performance information
  • Assessing the validity, integrity and quality of information
  • Tools used for performance management
  • Balanced scorecard
  • Business performance management
  • Human resource performance management
  • Operating resource performance management
  • Information performance management
  • Demonstrating technology tools in performance management


Who should attend?

  •  Professional Accountants (SA)
  • Risk & Performance managers
  • Human Resource managers
  • Accounting and Finance employees in private sector
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Financial Managers

How you will benefit

  • Gain insight on the importance of assessing the performance of a business activities and how resources are utilised beyond financial results
  • Support employees in creating and implementing goals
  • Assess and evaluate performance of individuals
  • Create a plan for success that aligns with the company’s strategic objectives
  • Get access to online topic material to refer to after the seminar

You don’t need to pay to attend this seminar, but online booking is essential

Venues and dates

This is a half day seminar. For details on dates and venues and to book your seat please log in to MySAIPA.

If you have not registered on MySAIPA before (SAIPA’s online member platform), you will need to register first:

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  • Click on “Not yet registered?” located below the Log in button
  • Follow the instructions and enter your details to create a profile.
  • You will receive an email with your member number and login details
  • Book your seat to attend a Performance Management seminar

Book your seat now

There is no attendance fee for this seminar, however, online booking is essential.

The importance of Performance Management

Performance Management refers to the processes implemented in an organisation, in order to manage the effective utilisation of resources to achieve the strategic and operational goals, in the most effective and efficient way.

The objective of Performance Management is to strive for continuous improvement and effective utilisation of the resources of an organisation in pursuing its operational and strategic objectives and goals.

Performance Management uses information (financial and non-financial) to evaluate the performance employee, processes or resources against the indicators and critical success factors.

In the 21st century and the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) greater emphasis is placed on using information to measure and assess performance at all levels in the organisation.

Performance Management is no longer limited to appraisal of staff and financial performances but extend to the effective performance of the organisation at all levels including internal and external areas.


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