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How to register for a SAIPA webinar or event

If you are not a SAIPA member or do not have a MySAIPA profile, please follow these easy steps to gain access to an exciting list of webinars you’ll be able to register for.

  • Visit MySAIPA & select “Register
  • Type in your SA Identity Number / Passport Number & click “validate
  • Complete all mandatory fields.
  • Click on Register & the following message will appear:

  • Please check your email & click on “Activate Account
  • Choose a Password
  • Please log in to your MySAIPA profile with your email address & password

To view your SAIPA ID, click on the Profile icon at the top right of the page

For a full overview of available webinars, please click on

  • Menu
  • Events
  • Book
  • Proceed to Payment

& please send your proof of payment to SAIPA Debtors

Include your SAIPA ID as reference number on the Proof of Payment

To gain access on the day of the webinar, log in to your MySAIPA profile & click on

  • Menu
  • Events
  • My Events
  • View Registration
At the top of the page, you will see a “LAUNCH” button that will take you straight to the GoTo Webinar Platform.

To view your invoice, please click on

  • Menu
  • Account
  • Invoices

For any further queries, please contact SAIPA CPD