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First SAIPA member

to be appointed to key ABASA role
South African Institute of Professional Accountants
3 December 2021

The Institute wishes to congratulate SAIPA member Spokazi Jojo on her recent appointment as Treasurer General at the Association for the Advancement of Black Accountants South Africa (ABASA). She is a Professional Accountant (SA), Tax Practitioner (SA), Independent Reviewer and Business Rescue Practitioner based in East London.

This is the first time a Professional Accountant (SA) has been elected to a position within the highest structure of ABASA.

Jojo will be tasked with managing the organisation’s finances at a national level and assisting with financial management of its branches, student chapters and other regional entities.

High praise

SAIPA Chairperson of the Board, Kantha Naicker, commends Jojo on her appointment and what it means to both the Institute, the Professional Accountant (SA) designation and for women.

“We are very proud to support Spokazi in her achievement and believe that she will bring greater honour, respect and recognition to our designation and our demanding standard of professional excellence,” she says.

Another first for SAIPA

Spokazi couldn’t be more delighted with her new position. “This is ground-breaking for me and SAIPA because the role has historically been held by CA (SA)’s, so I am humbled but also excited for Professional Accountants (SA) to see that we are capable of assuming strategic positions like this,” she says.

She notes that the SAIPA Professional Accountant (SA) designation sits at an NQF Level 8 and demands a high level of competency.

“Professional Accountants (SA) whilst not focused on external auditing are certainly exposed to the skills and competencies necessary to carry out that function.  We follow the same standards, rules, laws and practices so we are equally worthy to hold positions at the same levels,” she says.

She hopes to see more Professional Accountants (SA) appointed to boards and participating in decision-making at high-level tables.

Promoting black accountants

Spokazi is especially excited for the opportunity to give voice to and serve the needs of black accountants. “I feel honoured to be in a position to make decisions at a national level that are going to positively impact the future of black accountants,” she says.

In addition, she wants to help encourage black learners who aspire to be accountants, to take mathematics at school.