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Please complete your contact details below. Only the Cellphone field is required, however, we do request that you provide alternate contact numbers as well. Remember to complete your phone number, without the leading 0, and without any spaces.
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Terms And Conditions
    • Applications will only be processed on full receipt of the required documentation uploaded or mailed to SAIPA which are:
      • Certified Copy of Identity Document
      • Certified Copy of Degree and Academic Record from University, stating subjects passed (only official record accepted – not those downloaded from the Internet)
      • Proof of completion of SAIPA Learnership (if applicable)
      • OR
        Proof of completion of other Professional Body Learnership (only those recognised by SAIPA will be considered)
      • OR
        Proof of 6 year’s verifiable experience, to be set out on your company’s letterhead
  • SAIPA reserves the right to require hard copies of any electronically uploaded documents and to reject application should the applicant not have met the minimum requirements of SAIPA membership, as stipulated from time to time.
  • The RPL Committee reserves the right to request the applicant to complete the Professional Evaluation process should it be deemed necessary.
I agree that I have read and understood the abovementioned terms and conditions as well as the SAIPA Code of Conduct, Constitution and Bylaws, and I am fully aware of my expected conduct should I qualify as a full member of the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA).
I am further aware that SAIPA has a stringent disciplinary process should my conduct be against the SAIPA Code of Conduct.

Please note: Applications take 6 weeks from receipt to process.
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