Cote Tax Practitioner Exam

Cote Tax Practitioner Exam


This webinar is designed to prepare candidates wishing to sit for the CoTE Professional Tax Examination. On successful completion of the examination, the candidate will be awarded the professional designation ’Professional Tax Practitioner (SA)’.
A ‘Professional Tax Practitioner (SA)’ will be able to perform the following services:

– Register with SARS as a practitioner in terms of the Tax Administration Act;
– Register individuals as taxpayers;
– Prepare tax returns for individual taxpayers on behalf of tax practitioners;
– Undertake VAT registrations;
– Prepare basic VAT returns on behalf of tax practitioners;
– Assist with the registrations for income tax, PAYE, SDL and UIF;
– Apply for TCCs;
– Act as professional support for tax professionals.

Structure and theme of the webinar

The webinar focuses on different aspects relating to the examination, which will test candidates on the conceptual understanding of crucial tax terminology relating to the various tax types and the different types of businesses.