Do I need to register with SARS if I am already a SAIPA Member ?

If you are an existing member of SAIPA with a Tax Practitioner Reference Number, you must  still  complete a RAV01 Application form via E-filing. You do not need to  re-register but only to `Change of  Particulars’ – that is to stipulate the name of your Professional Body. It is no longer necessary to supply   SARS with your SAIPA membership number.

It can be done on-line and will only take a few minutes , because you only  have to fill in  two blocks – the first block require a mere `click’ and the second  block requires your confirmation of SAIPA as your preferred organization.

Please refer to this guide for detailed step by step instructions.

Upon completing the above process via e-filing , you are requested to complete the Member verification form and forward it to with a copy of your tax clearance certificate.