CPD Terms & Conditions

  1. Registration for the Annual CPD Subscription fee differs from the annual membership fee. The Annual Membership fee is invoiced separately for 2017.
  2. The Annual Membership Fee is payable first and foremost. Should the membership fee not be paid, the CPD subscription will be cancelled and put towards the Annual Membership Fee.
  3. The Annual CPD Subscription is NOT transferable from one member to another member/non-member (whether in the same company or not).
  4. The Annual CPD Subscription fee only covers SAIPA CPD events, and does not entitle a member to attend other SAIPA events at no charge. All events will be priced and invoiced separately.
  5. Invoices for subscribers will be issued to members. Payment can be made to the bank details as per the pro-forma invoice received. Members need to ensure they use their membership number as reference on all payments in order to ensure correct allocation to their account.
  6. The annual CPD subscription period covered is from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2017, no fees will be transferred, and fees are not refundable. It is up to each member to ensure they register online for the CPD events they are interested in, and confirm their attendance.
  7. Taking up the early bird offer does NOT mean that a member is automatically booked nor confirmed at any CPD event. Subscribers need to register themselves for the seminars online. This subscription does not automatically sign them up for all the seminars for 2017.
  8. The once-off CPD subscription is available to SAIPA members only, and includes the following members in good standing: Full Members, Accounting Technicians, Retired SAIPA members, SAIPA Trainees, and CoTE Members.
  9. Bookings for CPD events close five working days prior to the seminar date. Members need to ensure that they have registered for the events they would like to attend, within the stipulated time frames.