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Casual Vacancy Non Member: SAIPA Board

The SAIPA is a Non-Profit organisation registered in terms of the NPO Act and is established as a voluntary association through a Constitution and By-Laws.   

In terms of clause 6.1 of the Constitution the role of the Board is to accept the fiduciary responsibility of the Institute, manage the affairs of the Institute and to oversee, collaborate with, support and offer constructive challenge to the Chief Executive and the Chief Executive’s management team, to ensure that agreed policies are delivered and that the affairs of the Institute are conducted in a way that is conducive to the attainment of the objectives set forth in the Constitution, this being the ultimate responsibility of the Board. The Board also has the ultimate responsibility to ensure that the Institute operates in a transparent and sustainable environment and that it has an effective and appropriate corporate governance structure

NOW THEREFORE, a casual vacancy has arisen on the SAIPA Board in terms of clause 5.1.3.  In accordance with clause 5.12 of the By-Laws, such vacancy is filled ad interim.

Clause 5.12: “A casual vacancy occurring among Board members elected under paragraph 5.1.3 of the Constitution shall be filled by a person appointed ad interim by the Board on the recommendation of the NOMCOM and such person shall serve until the first annual general meeting of the Institute following such appointment, when he shall be put forward for election by the members in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 5.1.3 of the Constitution. In relation to a person appointed ad interim under this By-law, the two terms (eight years) maximum service period laid down in By-law 5.4 shall be deemed to run from the date of his election by the members at the annual general meeting following his appointment”.

Terms and Conditions: The term of office for this casual vacancy is until the 2019 AGM, and subject to re-election should the members of SAIPA so appoint. Appointed nominees will be expected to agree to a performance assessment on an annual basis. Remuneration of appointed nominees will be prescribed by the Board from time to time.

Nomination Particulars: Nominations of persons to serve on the SAIPA Board must be submitted to the Secretary of the Board on the official nomination form and must contain the following annexures:

  • Signed and completed Nomination form
  • A brief and recently updated curriculum vitae of the nominee, including three (3) contactable references
  • Certified copies of the nominee’s qualifications and identity document
  • Good standing letter from SAIPA’s Compliance officer (nominee, proposer and seconder)

Any nomination submitted that does not include the above documents will be considered invalid and excluded from the process.  
Correspondence will only be entered into with shortlisted candidates.

Nominations must be sent to 
Queries to the nomination process can be addressed telephonically at 011 207 7840 alternatively via email at

The closing date for nominations is 06 February 2019.