Professional Accountants (SA)

In the Public Sector

Accountants are the champions of ethical record and should be beyond reproach. To continually earn this trust, accountants must work tirelessly to maintain a credible reputation and root out bad elements. The start of this journey is to earn the designation of Professional Accountant (SA) by becoming a member of the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA).

Why would I want to be an accountant in the public sector?

Neither the private nor the public sector does accounting better. Rather, there are lessons and skills both sectors can learn from each other. Many think that accountants in the public sector are only controlling and reporting on cash spending in accordance with parliamentary limits. The role of accountants in public sector is however, much more advanced, and can include analysing the role of the public sector in the national economy based on sound statistics.

It is for this reason that SAIPA places a special focus on equipping the big metros to train students so they can do their articles in the public sector and serve their country as professionals. For municipalities to be awarded a clean audit by the Auditor General’s office, they need highly skilled professional accountants who perform their duties without fear or favour.

A Professional Accountant (SA) possesses a unique mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience that makes them perfectly suited to be trusted advisors to private and public sector, on both national and local level.

More Info

For more information regarding SAIPA membership, or application procedures, please contact:

Lebo Zikalala / 011 207 7840.