How to obtain a PR Number?

As a controlling body we do not issue any PR numbers however our responsibility is to confirm that the Tax practitioner is indeed our member and also in good standing with the Institute i.e. his/her fees are fully paid up, CPD hours are in order and there are no legal disputes pending on his membership.

Once we submit the confirmation to SARS , they will then issue the Practitioner with the relevant PR number. Your responsibility as the Tax practitioner is that as soon as you have completed  updating your RAV 001 form , you contact us or email: the member verification form with the valid copy of your individual Tax clearance certificate so that our Compliance officer: can confirm your membership status with SARS. It must be noted that in an event a member is not in good standing as far as the above stated ,he/she will not be uploaded until such time a person becomes in good standing by meeting the above stipulated requirements.