What can I expect to find in the SAIPA website?

SAIPA has recently switched over to a new website which provides advanced functionality to our Members. Our new website provides the following list of functionality to Members:


  • Update your Member Profile
  • New Membership Registrations on the Website
  • General Events
  • Professional Evaluation Events
  • Registration to Events and payment by Credit Card - Coming Soon

Continued Professional Development

  • CPD Events
  • CPD Hours logging
  • CPD Hours Report
  • Good Standing Report, includes Legal Status, Account Balance, and CPD Hours calculations based on Election Date
  • CPD Surveys - Coming Soon


Expert Questions

  • Ask a Question
  • Answer a Question
  • Comment on a Question and Answer
  • Expert Profiles - we use these to match Experts to specific categories of Expert Questions



  • Subscribe to SAIPA Newsletters
  • Subscribe to Content, Tags, Authors



  • View your Tax Invoices - Coming Soon
  • Pay outstanding Account Balance with your Credit Card - Coming Soon



  • View Articles
  • View Photos of Events
  • View Press Releases
  • Links to External sites
  • List of Partners
  • Participate in Polls
  • Purchase SAIPA Products - Coming Soon
  • View Documents (Working Papers. eg: PE Exam Papers, PDF, DOC, XLS documents)