Efiling - Unable to access IT34's online

We are unable to access the IT34 on the e-Filing website for some of our clients. This problem appears to relate specifically to those clients where the IT12 was submitted manually for the tax year ended February 2007 AND where SUBSEQUENT e-filing registration took place. We have since received email notification that the IT34 assessment is available on-line but we are unable to access this without entering all the information for each client that has already been manually submitted to SARS. We are not prepared to re-do these tax returns and require a way that we can access these IT34 assessments on line. We have tried contacting SARS on numerous occasions but to no avail. Please assist or advise.
The best I can suggest is to log onto efiling, select the individual taxpayer, then select "Returns" and navigate to "SARS notices". Using the search button, select the year and this should bring up the IT34. If this doesn't work, contact the SARS efiling call centre.
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